Secret Societies

The Rosicrucuans

We call them the Secret Societies. We don't know what they do or why. I want to explain their symbols and some of the things we know of these societies. You will see that all their symbols are tied to what we call alchemy. Did they have the stone, do they make the stones, you decide as you progress with what you know.

The Rosicrucians- Almost all this material can be found in “Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross” by A. E. Waite Ros equal dew and Crux equal cross. Dew is the most powerful dissolvent. Cross exhibit’s the letters of the word LUX equal Light, that Lux signifies in alchemy the seed or menstrum of the Red Dragon (sun), the light that if properly concocted and digested in a proper means produces gold, That therefore a Rosicrucian is a Philosopher that searches for light by means of dew or otherwise for the substance of the Philosophers Stone. -The Rose was applied to Christ, but the Rose on a Cross signifies the “Secret to Immortality.” “Mr. Wigston” pg 109 A. E. Waite B of R C Important, “Rose, that which is born from the corpse and exhales itself in sweet odors, this Rose blossoms by following the example of the bird, ie, nourishing its starving young with its own blood.” explanation, This has to do with “Like” as I have already explained. “The Rose of Mary was the White Rose and is said the Red Rose was continued for long to be connected to Holda, The Northern Goddess.” In September the substance is brought forth by the moon, moon, moisture and warmth only, only “Like” forces. In other words, no sun. The Northern Goddess is the other light above, Virgo the Virgin. Always, even Venus, any female is the moon and if two the Moon and Virgo. Throughout G. Masseys book, “The Natural Genesis” he explains the similarities of the different religions of different societies, always very similar showing an ancient connection or one religion upon the earth. As I say to my students, :Learn the process.”
One of the symbols of the Rosicrucians- An egg containing a circle, whence issue rays of light. These symbols should be understood without explanation. I do want to copy here “one liners without any alien thing.”

Pg. 286 from Fludd (alchemist) His insistence on the Secret Wisdom which unveils Nature and draws from the Fountain of Life.
Pg. 287 In alchemy, the way of advancement is to realize it is a work of nature only! That he who would cooperate must use natural matrices only, -(consider pyramid oven)- applying natural things to things which are also natural.

Pg. 298 The House (oven) itself is no work of human construction, it was built of old in Wisdom!

Pg. 330 Their secrets are handed on, after the manner of ancient Knowledge.

Pg. 331 They embrace the whole scheme of the cosmos.

Pg. 337 That the matter of highest Mastery is found in fire and water or impregnated water.

Pg. 339 That the work in the alembic has been compared to the work of God in the Creation.

Pg. 390 The Father of Rosicrucians was Moses, though according to some belong to the Order of Elias or are followers of Ezehiel

Pg. 430 -I N R I- Igne Natura Renovatur Integra = All nature is Renewed by fire

Pg. 444 - as I will do a section on the Masons- “As regard Masonic Tools, the gavel, compass, trowel, square and so forth, they do not refer to the building of any earthly temple, but to the work of erecting furnaces and the making of vessels which are necessary for the work of Physics.” - note, the oven must be built by squaring (square) the circle (compass) as it must be constructed according to PHI. All temples of the past were built that way!

Pg 464 The Son of the sun is the product of profoundly concentrated fire.

Pg. 473 How do you describe it? As a circle encompassed by a Square.

Pg. 500 Cagliostro- he had been initiated into the mysteries at the foot of the pyramid into the secret Wisdom of Isis and Osiris and Anubis

Pg 514 The first Matter of the Great Work is found in a Black Earth. That we procure our Matter from its habitation in a volcano.

Pg. 515 That our matter lies where a Volcano has its fire and its dwelling.

Pg. 527 The Mysteries of Egypt and their alleged analogies with those of the Freemasons.

Pg.559 The Count offered 30,000 Spanish Dollars if the Bacstrom would stay another year to work the process once more from the beginning. - Author, it’s a 16 month process! This shows a connection to that time length.

As I say to my students, “If you will learn the 16 month process, your past will come alive.” There is of course much more to it. By learning the process you must learn the meaning of Genesis. While working the steps you will become acquainted with Astrology. You will learn the religion of Osiris, that the process is the base of that and todays religions. Gnosticism will no longer be a Mystery! All of the past including the stars and their movement, why used, etc all will be understood. This book, “Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross,” I have barely touched. I have gathered just enough information to show the Rosicrucians were all about alchemy! If you learn the process, every page will teach you more about, and of your past. It is about God, but only about The God of Nature! All the Secret Societies, many of the Holy men, all were tied to this process, the Red Powder and to the Ancient Gods of Egypt!

The Alchemists

Enki, Hermes Trismegistus, Mary the Jewess, Nicolas Flamel, Jibir, Plato, Zosimos, Artephius, Albert Magnus, Roger Bacon, Raymond Lull, Pope John Xxll, Arnold of Villanova, Pseudo Geber, George Riply,
Thomas Norton, Heinrich Agrippa, Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Jacob Boehmen,Edward Kelly, Heinrich Khunrath, Michael Maier, Jan Baptist van Helmont, Arthur Dee, Elias Ashmole, George Starkey, Eireneaeus
Philalethes, Robert Boyle, Isacc Newton, Count of St. Germain, Adiramled, Fucanelli,

This list of Alchemists is by far a short list. I have used those names that might be familiar and those I refer to or will. By knowing these names one should know that for the most part these were the
Scientific Persons of our past. Usually not connected to any organized religion. Many were suspected or persecuted by organized religions. As you come to understand that alchemy was about the “God of nature,” and was the original organized religion based on Nature, you should come to understand why they were as they were. Also consider the Secret Societies as Alchemists. I want to include in this list one more
alchemists IMO, Jesus Christ. I will give those reasons , some here, some from the Gnostic Gospels and other places of information of the past.

Hermes- Ancient Egypt, said to have the Three Parts of the Philosophy of the Creation of the Earth. The three really is composed of the “All.” Here let me say that it is about , “The Above, The Below, and a way to combine them.” The Six Pointed Star I have discussed, and the Firmament.

Mary the Jewess- Said to be the Sister of Moses. Also said to be the inventor of the double boiler.(Ban Marie). Consider the oven and a double boiler. Consider Genesis, as said the way of the stone by Master Alchemists and a connection to Moses.

Flamel- The alchemists that I studied along with Abraham the Jew. The two gave me a way to compare information.

The rest of the list I placed here for you to see and consider as they are names I will refer to and use and some you should know. Most of them showed enough information to show they knew what I am
presenting here on this site. You might ask yourself, “Why is it if they all knew, you never knew or were taught.”? The point is they all passed on this information in their own way for others. Is it supposed
to be such a Secret that normal persons should never know of it? Or, is it that those in power wanted it so that normal persons would never know, and consider what was the reason. In Ancient Egypt, the
religion was celebrated by the masses. I’m sure they knew and understood much of it, I doubt they knew how to make the stone. You with this information can, it is your decision.

I want to discuss Jesus Christ as a possible alchemists. At any rate, there is enough information to show he knew the ancient religion, and I think his message was from that belief system. Here only some information, more from G. Massey, and from the Gnostic Gospels. When you learn the process, it becomes obvious in all the past recorded information. It is your heritage, you should at least be aware of it.

Many alchemists professed the ability to “Cure people.” Paracelsus was known as one of the greatest doctors in the past. Those alive (alchemists) at the time of the Black Plague are linked to saving and
even fighting the plague saving many persons. Was Jesus an alchemists is what I want to discuss. Please review on this site the picture of Mary Magdalene with a “Red Egg.” My work is finished with a Red Egg,
the color turns slowly to a reddish purple color and I want to refer to the color of the Robe Jesus is usually portrayed in, it is exactly the color of the stone when finished. I have seen this color with my eyes. In the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Jesus speaks about matter and recycling of matter. That is what the process is all about! Or, saying it another way, why would Jesus be speaking of recycling matter?

I also have a picture of a lady that wears a necklace containing three stones, the three colors of the matter of the stone through the process. It could be of Mary Magdalene but I can’t prove that. I have found many pictures of Jesus riding a Unicorn. The Unicorn I explain is representative of the stone as being linked to the sun. The sun is represented in a hidden fashion in alchemy by any single pointed object, knife, spear, sword, dagger, etc. All of this comes from the understanding of the Obelisk. I will show this in the
pictorial allegories I will discuss. The Unicorns Horn is also a link to this work of the sun, and so when Jesus is shown riding a Unicorn, the author is someone familiar with alchemy and connects Jesus with that science. The Red Egg is also connected to Mary Magdalene and the Easter Bunny. Colored eggs were used in ancient Egypt. The bunny also comes from ancient Egypt, and is tied to the fact the bunny (rabbit) never shuts his eyes. That rabbit is tied to the last part of the work, it is finished with an “OPEN” egg, it is a time of
multiplication, and the rabbit is also known for multiplication. I will show this in G. Massey’s work. The Egyptians used in many places an animal to show an understanding of what they wanted to convey. The
pictorial allegory that I have included with this web page also shows three rabbits in a circle. That signifies process, and if you look the design of the oven (triangular) is shown by the ears.

I want to discuss the movie, “The Lost Tomb of the Jesus Family.” I feel lucky that it was brought to my attention, most do not know of it? The entire family is there, yet we are told that it is just a
coincidence that the names are the same. That it is not that family. I think I have proof that it is. The tomb has been sealed, the reason is that children could get into it and be hurt! Tell me, in the Holy land, how many areas are sealed so that children can’t get hurt? They are everywhere, many are protected as they are still being searched for the past, but none are sealed for that reason.

On the entrance to that tomb is a design, it is exactly as the “Eye of Horus.” In the movie they said it “might be a family emblem or something.” You can find it on the internet, go look and look at the eye, it is the same. This is a tie to the ancient religion. Now, the proof I mentioned, in the same movie they visit the grave site of St. Peter. The same sign is on his grave. Peter was not a member of that family. But. Peter and Jesus were a part of a group with the same knowledge of the past, same understanding, same belief system. This proves the design is not tied to the family but to that same belief system. The eye was basically a place where the living family members could place fat and so feed the “Spirit” that was believed to be in heaven. Also I found in that film that Jesus carried a Tau Cross with him as a sign for his group. The Tau Cross was a part of the ancient belief system, and I will give information on that from G. Massey when I work on that part. All should see this film. Jesus also cured the sick. Were they miracles? When the alchemists cured the sick, were
they performing miracles?

All information is always up to the individual to consider and so decide what it is he wants to believe. Before I would make up my mind I think everything put forth should be known and considered.

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