The St. Thomas shield and Alchemy. How to read.

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I Have taught that the alchemical process is 16 months long. This shield is of that process. I will explain how to read it. All the series allegories that are true alchemical material are about Genesis, "repeated." Repeated is very important, there are many series allegories, all a different way to teach Genesis, and to give the process of the stone of alchemy. This shield is Genesis repeated, and the 16 month process.

1. Please note 4 quadrants, and that the top two give the pyramid shape. Note also the four arm cross, to me the "River with four heads mentioned in Genesis." Note the egg shape. The colors are very important.

2. In the first quadrant we have eight columns, covering 8 months of process. There are three red stars pointing out the "Three hottest months." This gives the times of start, Dec. 21, May and August. The three hottest months are from May to June, to July, to August.

3. We see next, the vase with the black and the green crown, and the stem with nine drops of water. This indicates from the black, we will attain the white. The nine drops indicate the ninth month, September, the time of rebirth of Osiris, the time of birth of Jesus, the time of the production of Mercury in alchemy. Also in alchemy, the substance would be called, Septembers Child.

In ancient Egypt, death was over come, and a holiday connected to that was celebrated. The matters of Osiris, the matters of the stone had been reborn pure. It was pure as it was born under the sign of Virgo, and the moon. They were known anciently as the "Two Sisters." As the matters were born under the sign Virgo, this is where the Virgin Birth originated from.

4. The three arrows from the Obelisk understanding, the three balls of water, the three serpents work together. This is from October to Dec. again. The three serpents if you look give the 3/2 ratio. There are three serpents, two look another way! I show this ratio in many places of my book. It simple indicates the matters and how they are to be formed. The three white serpents show that at least part of the matters should be worked on by the moon, for the white stone. The other matters are at this stage worked on by the sun and moon.It produces here, the white stone, and the Crowned Androgenous Material of the Red Stone.

5. The last quadrant. If you look you will count four stalks of grain, colored red. It is a work of the sun (red). It is worked on the last four months of process, until April when the stone is finished. April is when Osiris is resurrected "as a God", it is the time when Jesus is resurrected, it is the time originally, when the stone was and is finished.

6. The Heart in the center of the drawing. IT is here because a christian (St Thomas) was the Master Alchemist drawing this series allegory. If he was not a Christian, he could have put the Rose here, or the pyramid design. The Sacred Heart is one of the ways the past was slowly changed from Osiris to Jesus.

7 The red grain connect to the three red stars. The hottest months are because of the suns positions. The red grain is because we in this last quadrant are connecting the matters to the sun directly.This is the stage where Osiris joined with the God Horus, this is where Jesus goes to heaven to be with God. This is also, see the eye of God on the back of the American dollar bill! That eye of God is the eye of Horus, and it indicates where the work is done within the (top of) oven.

8. Within the oven, the four arm cross is found, the Tet Cross, the Tat cross, the Ankh is found. The sign for October also. The four arm cross may only exist in mans early interpretation of the Creation.

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