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I said this information is all around us but we never knew. Who would have thought the “Easter Bunny!” There are many explanations, but if you will look to the below drawing, the pyramid shape, and the circular drawing of the rabbits, this is alchemy and one mans way of continuing the information in a hidden fashion. We multiply the stone after its completion or resurrection in April. What better way to show than the Easter Bunny in a hidden fashion. Note ear design and circle.

From the given information!

“The earliest known examples of the design can be found in Buddhist cave temples in China (581-618 CE); from there it spread all along the Silk Road, through the Middle East, through Hungary and Poland to Germany, Switzerland, and the British Isles. Though now associated with the Holy Trinity in Christian iconography, the original, pre-Christian meaning of the Three Hares design has yet to be discovered. We can glimpse possible interpretations, however, by examining the wealth of world mythology and folklore involving rabbits and hares. In many mythic traditions, these animals were archetypal symbols of femininity, associated with the lunar cycle, fertility, longevity, and rebirth. But if we dig a little deeper into their stories we find that they are also contradictory, paradoxical creatures: symbols of both cleverness and foolishness, of femininity and androgynyn, of cowardice and courage, of rampant sexuality and virginal purity. In some lands, Hare is the messenger of the Great Goddess, moving by moonlight between the human world and the realm of the gods; in other lands he is a god himself, wily deceiver and sacred world creator rolled into one.”

What is important is “pre- Christian meanings.! Everything included as an explanation is about pre- Christian meanings. It is your past and heritage, try to see it with an open mind!

The bunny is included because when I first heard of it as it was pointed out to me, I thought it very silly! Who would point to a rabbit tied to alchemy? The circle and design though quickly changed my mind. Note above that this was basically world wide as to the known world in the past. If you read G. Massey’s book, you will find that in our past I believe there was a One World religion, all based on what I am discussing. This design they say has never been explained. I will show in my part about Massey, that in ancient Egypt a rabbit was used for “open” as a rabbit never shuts his eyes. I have explained the rabbit design in the form of the circle means “circulation.” That is throughout alchemy. It also is tied to “Regeneration.” Though a serpent in a circle is used primarily to show it in that light. The rabbit is also known for reproduction. Here, if you will look the ears of the rabbits form the triangular design of the oven. At the end, Easter Time or April, the stone is finished. Always it is within the egg shell. Here at the end of the process it is worked with directly with sun light. The oven and shell is open. I will show this in pictorial allegories. At the end we multiply the matters. Even then, we use moisture so that the substance is not dried to the point it can be burnt. As Flamel said, “We are left with open and shut, bind and loose.” So, Easter Bunny, open eyes, multiplication, colored eggs! All tie to the process at the end point and multiplication.
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These pictures are of the work being done over the time period.
Note the different seasons in some of the background. Also compare
some of these colors with the colors on the serpent drawing on the
cover of my book. I also took some of the pictures from different
angles so you could look at the design. Why I did this is simple.
Linier perspective gives the outline in many of the alchemical
drawings of the oven. If you will note the outline in some of these
drawings, you will see it again if you review the alchemical pictorial
allegories. I will include one in this site to show you what I mean.
There was meaning in everything the ancients did. It is the same way
with the pictorial allegroies of the alchemists. As in the tablets I
just explained of Abraham, everything in an allegory is ther for a
reason to describe the step the allegory is describing. I will show
this when I explain other allegories. The colors on the Serpent on the
book cover is as close as the colors of the matters as they come and
go through out the process. These are the right colors, the alchemists
said "you can only know if your right by the colores of the matter as
it goes through the steps." The colores are very beautiful when seen
in the light! I consider it very special that after many years I have
seen them. Few in this world have.
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Holy Tradition testifies, that when the Apostles departed from Jerusalem for preaching to all the ends of the earth, with them also went Mary Magdalene to preach. A daring woman, whose heart was full of reminiscence of the Resurrection, she went beyond her native borders and set off to preach in pagan Rome. And everywhere she went, she proclaimed to people about Christ and His Teaching, and when many did not believe that Christ is risen, she repeated to them what she had said to the Apostles on the radiant morning of the Resurrection: "I have seen the Lord!" With this preaching she made the rounds of all Italy.

Tradition relates, that in Italy Mary Magdalene visited the Emperor Tiberias (14-37 AD) and proclaimed to him about Christ's Resurrection. According to tradition, she took him an egg as a symbol of the Resurrection, a symbol of new life with the words: "Christ is Risen!" Then she told Tiberias that, in his Province of Judea, Jesus the Nazarene, a holy man, a maker of miracles, powerful before God and all mankind, was executed on the instigation of the Jewish High-Priests and the sentence affirmed by the procurator Pontius Pilate. Tiberias responded that no one could rise from the dead, anymore than the egg she held could turn red. Miraculously, the egg immediately began to turn red as testimony to her words. Then, and by her urging, Tiberias had Pilate removed from Jerusalem to Gaul, where he later suffered a horrible sickness and an agonizing death.

From this, the miracle of Mary Magdalene, the custom to give each other paschal eggs on the day of the Luminous Resurrection of Christ spread among Christians over all the world. On one ancient hand-written Greek ustav, written on parchment, kept in the monastery library of Saint Athanasias near Thessalonika (Solunea), is an established prayer read on the day of Holy Pascha (Easter) for the blessing of eggs and cheese, in which it is indicated, that the Hegumen (Abbot) in passing out the blessed eggs says to the brethren: "Thus have we received from the holy fathers, who preserved this custom from the very time of the holy apostles, wherefore the holy equal-unto-the-apostles Mary Magdalene first showed believers the example of this joyful offering."

Mary Magdalene continued her preaching in Italy and in the city of Rome itself. Evidently, the Apostle Paul has precisely her in view in Romans 16:6, where together with other ascetics of evangelic preaching he mentions Mary (Mariam), who as he expresses "has done much for us." Evidently, she extensively served the Church, being exposed to dangers, and sharing with the Apostles the labours of preaching.

According to Church tradition, she remained in Rome until the arrival of the Apostle Paul, and for two more years still, following his departure from Rome after the first court judgment upon him. From Rome, Saint Mary Magdalene, already bent with age, moved to Ephesus where unceasingly laboured the holy Apostle John, who with her wrote the first 20 Chapters of his Gospel (John 1-9, John 10-20). There the saint finished her earthly life and was buried

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Note the Unicorn and its meaning, Note the colors of the stones she is wearing, black, Red and White. The main colors of the stone. Obviously this picture links the Sun (the Good) and the stones.

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