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The Seal of Solomon and the Red Four arm Cross of the Templar's.

The Four arm Cross is tied to (anciently) the Creation process and the movement of the sun. In alchemy the fire, sun, is always referred to as red if color is used. This four arm cross is found in the base of the oven used by the Philosophers to produce the stone. In G. Massey's books, the description of the ancient understanding of the world created (in ancient Egyptian belief system) describes the oven in many ways. It becomes obvious that is what he is describing if you know the oven. This cross at the base of the oven we also know as the "River with Four Heads" from Genesis. When the oven is working the cross is always with water, directing it to the egg (matter) we are working on. What this means is that the River with four heads looked for by man for many years never was anything but a river found only in the design of mans interpretation of the Creation.

I believe that this sign, with a White Background, (Red and White) being the colors of the two stones made in alchemy also shows the Templar's were tied to the ancient religion of the Natural God.
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The Seal of Solomon, why here is because the Templar's are said to have dug up (under) the Temple built by Solomon and it is believed they found something. I believe they found information leading them on how to produce the Philosophers Stone, perhaps they found a store of the Red Powder. This sign itself is a sign used by the Alchemists, and by the Masons and the understanding is that it signifies the "bringing together of the Above and Below Waters" used in the Creation. In alchemy that is exactly what we do to produce over time the perfection of the matters within the oven. This understanding also helps to show, prove, that the Creation Process is still going on as I described in my book. Genesis is about the yearly cycle, six days in each hemisphere recreating the earth yearly. at least that is what I know the ancients believed. When you understand Genesis in that way, it become a tool you can still use today. That's why alchemy is known as "The Great Work," it is a copy of the Creation of the earth as done by God!
There is not a lot of information that I can bring to prove the Templar's were alchemists, but, they were a secretive group. I can bring forth though information that does show or give an understanding of what they had not given in other works. In new Hampshire, there is a Stone Tower said to be built by the Templar's. With alignment on DEC. 21, the sun shines through a small window and where it touches the far wall, it shines on an egg carved into the wall! In the northern hemisphere, that is the time of year when one must start the work to produce the stone. This was to them their calendar. It is my understanding they built other buildings in Europe, and also the were tied to the movement of the stars and sun and moon. People have wondered why they did that, now you have a possible answer. They also are tied to the Rosslyn Chapel and the book, “The Divinci Code.” The chapel I would like to see someday, but what I wanted to tie to this work is that “Roses” are carved into the building extensively! I have described what a Rose means to alchemy. I want to show here, a design found on the alchemy Web Site,
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A153. Engraving from Robert Fludd, Summum bonum, Frankfurt 1629.

Please note that each circle of petals has “Seven.” Please note the stem is designed after the “Four Arm Cross.” Note the “Square” in the background with the Spider Webs. This shows again the four arm cross, but here it is in the design of the base of the oven. The Spider Web is used by some of the alchemists to represent the oven! Consider this and ‘Linear Perspective.” There are many drawings by the alchemists that are done in this fashion to give the outline of the oven in a hidden fashion. I will show several when I do that part of this work. This is the “Alchemical Rose,” that stands for regeneration in ancient Egypt, according to A. E. Waite I his book, “Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross” Perhaps now you can connect and understand why that name.

When you consider the Templars, the connection to America, perhaps to the Founding Fathers, to the designs they carried around, the buildings they built, all leads again back to the God of Nature and how to use Nature in a certain fashion to perfect matter. To say it another way, they knew the established religions of the world was a copy of the original! Which would you want to be tied to?

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