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Egyptian religion of Osiris.“ The red sand in the timer of this tablet is Osiris when he goes to heaven to join with Horus. That happens in June (ancient Egypt) as the start of the year is also the finish and the time of that step there. I’m not trying to confuse you, I am though showing you what is involved with this understanding and this one tablet.

The perfection of the matter, is because mercury as the messenger gathers the good of the light and transfers it to the matters below. All of alchemy is joining of the above to the below, this is how it is done and what makes the perfection of the matter possible.

The staff holds two serpents, this helps me to show that the light created on the first day was both of the lights above that we know, and not just one special light of creation (consider “waters above“). In another tablet this will be firmed up to further show the understanding. The ancients said, “All below was formed of earth, air, fire and water.” Our society today never considered this to be a true statement. To make the stone, we must consider the ancients made it from these substances and from what I call matter. The compost pile when finished is full of matter, and we could call it unformed matter. It lies and wait for some seed to use it so that again it can be something here in the below. It is hard for me to find references to matter in those texts of ancient Egypt, but you will find the stone created the Osirian religion and so in consideration of Osiris, he is called “the soul that livith again,” “the being that becometh a child again,” “the firstborn son of “unformed matter,“ ” the Lord of multitudes of aspects and forms.” Also, “I am Shu (the God) of unformed matter,” all from (Book of the Dead- lvii). By these references we can see that they considered matter as being unformed, and so the below became from this matter formed. In our process by the rotting that is first done, first step, we are returning matter to unformed as it was in the creation. This can only be done properly by nature controlled. One must consider that they, the ancients, worked somehow with matter to come to these conclusions and believed all those in the below as being from these few substances .

Considering the egg I work with. The shell of the egg is heaven, within are two waters. I start my process in December. The lights are above, it is cold here and so I keep my substances warm. What am I doing? I have something that is formed. It is to become something because it has seed within it. I must take all that away and return the substances within to unformed matter. In time, I will augment those substances unformed to the above and control it so that I can form that matter as I want. Consider the compost pile and what nature does naturally to formed useless matter. Consider also that those forces outside can only do so much as they are not controlled. The question is what can they do controlled, and what will the matter become?

As we proceed, you will understand and link all this together. Already you shouldbe looking out your window. All that has come and gone is still right there in front of you. The water you drink today, consider all that has used it throughout the ages. Those trees and grasses, how many times has that matter been recycled throughout the ages? How many times has Osiris overcome Set, (light overcome darkness) and regeneration replaced what was here with what is here now? It is those conditions outside and a working process we know now as Genesis that makes all this work and be possible. Also, you know outside as our system that we live with. Consider what can a man do with these forces as he learn to control them? What is impossible for those forces controlled to make? Consider also that Genesis is a system that works by conditions, and that man has gotten to the point where he is effecting those conditions, what is it man will unknowingly produce with those changes?


Thoth of the Gods of the Egyptians – messenger of the Gods.
Combination of light and vapor.
Light is from either the sun or moon. Messenger is water (vapor) combinations.
Light has to mix with water vapor, and then condense and mix with the base earth Adiramled (an alchemists) said the earth was forming above the earth. This above formed earth is known alchemically as First Matter. Simply put, it was believed the First Matter formed in the Creation was light and vapor combinations.
It can be moonlight or sunlight with vapor, or both. This combination will give us alchemically, androgynous material.
With the staff wrapped with two serpents.
Each serpent represents a type of light.
Staff connects to light, the messenger wrapped by two lights, two serpents, the sun and moon are indicated. Refer to the lights of Creation in Genesis.
Thoth, (Mercury) as messenger. The water can mix with sunlight and become sulfurous or have to do with the sun.
It can mix with the moonlight and become mercurious, having to do with the moon.
The residue is salt, the salt, absorbed by earth is what is gathered over time from the sun and moon and water interaction to the below.
Works with a base substance which we must first make, it can be mixed in two ways. It can only be collected by the base substance which will become earth.

The A. the Jew Tablets, ten steps or parts to the process.

They use the term mercury everywhere. When we have Septembers Child, (nine months of work) then you have the true mercury. This mercury is as the earth created in Genesis, the dry land called earth.

Flamel said “he touched his helmet,” it has wings and I think he is kind of pointing out an egg as he mentions also the color orange and the ashes of a pullet. All have to do with a chicken's egg as you will see. The staff can be understood something like the Obelisk, (more later).
The Old man, I link (present understanding) to father time with his scythe, and to the head or blade only to January, (December 21) and the astrological sign. As we go on you will see and understand a link to the ancient god of Egypt, Set.
December 21 is used two times in our process or it goes on for 16 months. This I call the overlap, and is used to hide the process. It is connected to the position and travel of the sun. It explains the religion.
The hour glass has to do with the second explanation for the tablet, and is connected to the last four days (months of work), January to April and the finish, second year.
The red powder (in the hour glass) has to do with fixing. Flamel says you are left with binding and loosing, open and shutting. This second December is where we start to work for the red powder. We fix by opening and shutting, and with binding!
The start is just the waters and the egg, (the heaven and the earth).
The second understanding for this tablet is the old man and his scythe, or the eight Of ten tablets
Alchemy is a hidden Science. There are libraries of this material. All has never been truly explained. As I go on, you will find Astrology, All Nature outside, Religion and many unexplained ties (Virgin Birth, Resurrection) are “Originally” tied to this process. As you consider the Dark Ages and what would happen to you if you were tied to any belief system other than, then you will understand why it became hidden. Also consider why would those alchemists of the past risk their lives to save this process and information.
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We saw in the first tablet Mercury holding a staff. This is the same as in Genesis, light was created on the first day. With misunderstanding many have considered that the light of creation was a special light, but it was not. It has been always understood (the creation) by those of the past (ancient Egypt)as being about what is here. The forces used are the same, just that they believed were controlled by God to do as he wished. In this second allegory, we see a mountain with two dragons on the front of it. The sun is to the side. On the top we see a Rose Bush being shaken by the north wind. First we remember that this second tablet is also the ninth tablet, and so two ways of understanding. The first is the mountain. Throughout alchemy texts, we are told of the mountain, and in many places, “The Little Mountains.” What does this mean and how does it relate? The mountain above is the same as the pyramid design, and is the same as the design of the firmament. Remember in Genesis that the firmament called heaven was created on the second day. And so this mountain here is the same as the firmament, and in our process it is time that the oven or firmament comes into play. In my process I use an egg. In Genesis the waters were divided on the second day by being put (heaven and earth -egg-) into the firmament. In our process we insert the egg into the oven for the same reasons, and to remove from it what it was and to return it back into a base of unformed matter. Flamel in his discussion mentions that Abraham the Jew showed the oven in two places with his tablets, this is the first of the two. Tablet three is the second. I also mentioned the “Little Mountains.” You will see in the oven design that at the base of this oven, it is divided into four sections. The little mountains are four small pyramid shaped divisions at the base, and as they are designed the same, they become the little mountains. The purpose of them is to return the waters below to the substance that will be placed between them, and I believe that this flow of water answers the question of the river with four heads mentioned in Genesis. There never was an actual river, it is only from mans invention of the Creation. G. Massey in his books (The Natural Genesis) describes this oven as he speaks of how the ancients understood and described the earth as they saw it. Massey never knew alchemy or the process.
In the first tablet, we saw a part of the scythe to give time for December. Also we saw the hour glass to give a time for the red powder (second December). Here in this second tablet, if you will look at the two dragons, you will see they form a “WW” shape. This WW shape has to do with water, and also is the sign, astrological for February. One thing that needs to be mentioned, in tablet one we see a part of the scythe. In tablet two we see something that looks like a WW. Please remember this is hidden knowledge. The signs will not just jump out at you. Some are not there but are there because of metaphor. They are hidden in many ways. You may disagree with what I am showing with a certain sign, but when finished and you step back and look at all, you will then clearly see them and how they are hidden. First though, you must know this process. You have to have something to base your search on. The two dragons are also used to show the second part of the process, and are connected to what is termed in alchemy as The Crowned Androgynyn. This tablet is also tablet #9. I will show this in a more clear way with other allegories showing that part of the process. Also to consider, G, Massey noted that the “dragons and Griffons are tied to the “Tree of Knowledge, and somehow are linked to a mountain.” Here Abraham puts them on the mountain. Is this the mountain they are tied to with “Knowledge”? Your choice, before you decide learn everything that will be presented on the site. The sun is at the side of the tablet to show, in the second part, that it is now a work of the sun and has to do with the finish of the process which covers four month. There is 16 months to do this work. There is a division between 9 and 7 months. The second division of the work, the last seven months is divided because of the two stones made (more later). The white is finished in January(13 months). The finish in April is for the red stone, and is linked to that red powder we saw in the first tablet. This will become clearer as we consider all, and understand the whole process. Other pictorial allegories will also be used to show this part of the work. Flamel, if you read his work, will tell you that he “transmuted to silver in January.” As he goes on, he will also mention that he “transmuted to gold” in April. Those are not just dates when he made the stone, they are the dates used by all that did the work in the northern hemisphere. However all did not mention those dates as if they did, searchers would know that the dates were specific, and would link them to times of the year. Each alchemist said things, but always they were very careful not to say too much! To continue, the “Rose Bush” at the top of the mountain. It is shaken by the north wind as it is January and very cold outside. The oven has to be kept warm. The rose bush itself. First I apologize as I can not see the drawing as well as I wish I could. The flowers or roses we see, I believe there is three on the one side, and then two on the top or other. If the painting was in color, They would be colored red and white. There is a ratio to the work in the second half, and it is a 3/2 ratio. Here I will say that I will show this ration in several pictorial allegories to prove that it is there and needs to be understood and used to complete the stone. I explain it totally in my book.

In our process, we have assembled the substances we need to do the work. We know we need the lights. We know we need to change matter here in the below so that we can make something new out of it. We know it has to be done as “The Great Work” was done by God. We know only nature can make those changes, and with this part return our matter to a base material. To understand base matter. It is very important to realize that man cannot do this! I have read many works of practicing alchemists where they have returned matter to a base substance. For example, they used vinegar and reduced metal with it to what they feel is a proper base. All matter here in the below we have to realize is made by nature over long periods of time. We have to believe it is made of the four, earth, air, fire and water. To see this we have to think as the ancients did. We cannot remove the sunlight from a substance. We cannot make a substance as these four do. We also cannot make the proper base for this work in a lab or with chemicals. Only nature can make a proper compost pile, only nature and this oven can
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On this third tablet, it was said to be about a Beautiful Garden. A place where gold was found. It shows two men digging, but Flamel say’s, “they couldn't find because they were blind, and they must consider the weight.” They were looking for the source of the water. In the middle of the garden stood a hollow oak, and a rose bush. First, I said of the second tablet (the mountain) that it showed the side view of the oven. Flamel also said that he would have failed to find the oven had Abraham not showed it twice. Here we see the second design of the oven. If you will look, the design of this garden (an ‘X’ design) is of a top view of the oven. Like looking down on a pyramid. Flamel mentioned that the oven is the one used by the Philosophers, not a standard oven as used by those he found experimenting in their Labs. This shows twice the one oven used to make the stone. Flamel also said he hide the design of the oven in his fresco, and I have shown that with the one line drawing. His statement, “must consider the weight to find the source of the water” is about the process and also about Genesis. The firmament is there to cause the waters below to be divided. In this third tablet, that is what we are doing. The oven is in darkness, also as in Genesis, the egg within is rotting, returning to a base matter. The waters within the egg are being divided. The moisture from within the egg is removed, but forms as water within the oven. The oven is sealed and so none of the water escapes, so quite a collection of water appears. Consider the weight of the egg, it diminishes as the process works. The hollow oak, is a way of saying, the hollow egg Shell! The rose bush is a reference to the finish of the stone which is of a rose color. Again I apologize about the picture. I cannot count the number of the flowers, and so to guess I would say there are seven to signify the finish of the second half (seven months) of the work. In our process on the first day we organize our substances. On the second day the substances are kept warm and put into the oven. The second step continuing shown here is during this part of the process where the substance is slowly by nature being destroyed as to what it was, and is being taken back to a base and to an unformed matter. The blind men shown there are blind because of the absence of light which was divided away also in this step. This is the third tablet and is also the tenth tablet of the process. The darkness and water are about the first part, division of the below waters. The substance when finished is no longer mixed with water to work as it has been, and is a substance able alone to be with the sun above, or has become “like” the sun. It would then be perfect, (Osiris has risen and is perfect). Osiris can ascend to the Gods above which he chose to do. If you will look to the middle of the allegory, you will see two fountains with a “Y” design, where the water is coming from. This is the sign for April. Remember Flamel said he finished his work and transmuted to gold during April. Alchemically we have here the “Ouroborous.” The serpent biting his tail. The matter within the shell is being recycled back to a base. All that it was is being removed, and it is becoming formless matter. In legend, this is Osiris in his envelope, he is slowly being destroyed. We actually do nothing in our process this first April. This tablet is inserted here to cause confusion for those looking for the stone, and is a way to hide the process. The first steps where we put the egg in the oven, it sets and wait’s till May. Those working or trying to work Flamels process would naturally try to develop a part of it with this tablet, not knowing it is really about the finish, or a tablet with two understandings. Also, if you will look at the base of the tablet, you can count 16 squares. They represent the 16 months it takes to get to the beautiful garden. If you will look at the rows of trees, those of the left side are dark, those of the right side are in light. I believe this is a way to show the two parts. As we proceed you will see that everything put into an allegory means something.

1 A sweet Garden.
2 A Place where Gold was made.
3 Flamel transmuted to Gold in April.
4 This Tablet used twice in series allegory.
5 This tablet third and tenth in series.

Third Tablet Understanding

1 Process in dark.
2 Can't see where water comes from.
3 Must consider weight.
4 Weight of egg is decreasing.
5 Waters being divided.
6 Fountain is Oven.
7 Oven is Firmament.
8 Note Y design of twin streams.
9 Y Design denotes April Constellation.
10 April Aries the Ram.

Tenth Understanding

1 A Place where Gold is Made.
2 Count 16 black squares.
3 16 Squares is 16 months.
4 16 months to end of Process.
5 Stone is finished and linked to gold.
6 Gold is sun which is gold and seed of gold.
7 Finished in sunlight.
8 Rose Tree - In Ancient Egypt, rose stood for regeneration.
9 Rose-regeneration, A. E. Waite’s book, Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross.

Please Note.

1 X design looking down of oven.
2 X Design is top view of oven.
3 X design shown in several pictorial allegories.
4 Flamel stated Abraham showed oven twice.
5 This is second place Abraham shows oven.
6 First place is side view of mountain, second tablet
7 Stone is finished, also time of resurrection of Osiris.
8 This second work is done (above work area) of the oven or in heaven. The substance is linked to the sun and with Osiris. He is linked to and joins with the god found within the sun. See Eye of Horus on American dollar bill! Much more on site

This place where Gold is made is based on the ancient and alchemical understanding that gold is perfect. God is perfect, and so the stone, Osiris at this stage is perfect (Gold). This is the completion of the work for the stone, and for Osiris. Osiris can now be with the Gods as he desires and now is a God. As we move on with the process, because we use both lights we make a combination of male/female matter. This is androgynous matter thought by the ancients that this is how the earth was made, androgynous. Adam was made (it was believed) from this matter and so he was androgynous, thus through misunderstanding we today have explanations of Adam and Eve and this duel creation! All based on ancient mans misunderstanding of the Creation of the earth. Osiris to be a God had to become by this process, a Perfect Male and Female of the earth. In alchemical terms we call this the “Crowned Androgynyn.” He does this in a prior step, and then is finished by uniting with just the Light of the Sun!, (last four months of process,) This is why the Eye of Horus is so important to understand. Osiris is or becomes a God because he is a Perfect Man, a Perfect woman, and by uniting with Horus he becomes all three, perfect man, perfect woman, perfect god! The Trinity is based on this alchemical concept. Osirs is matter as I described, but is perfected by the lights above joining to him. This one light above is from the sun, (God in the Light) and is spirit. This is where the understanding of Spirit originally came from, and how. From the moon we received Soul, originally! More as we proceed.
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“On the last side of the fifth leaf there was a King, with a great Fauchion, who made to be killed in his presence by some Soldiers a great multitude of little Infants, whose Mothers wept at the feet of the unpitiful Soldiers the blood of which Infants was afterwards by other Soldiers gathered up, and put in a great vessel, wherein the Sun and the Moon came to bathe themselves.”

Authors Note: This tablet uses metaphor instead of an astrological sign to give the time. The Crowned King, “in a field Vert” (green) is how Flamel describes it. What do we see with a crown in a green field? A bull. The bull denotes the time of year, or April, May. This tablet is used to show the May-Day of alchemy. It is the third day of Genesis when the waters are to come together. Here soldiers are gathering blood, and the soldiers are the small mountains. The blood is the water we separated from the egg by process. The water now will be fed back to the matters of the egg that have been changed into a base. The waters though first will circulate within the oven, again and again to unite the above and below. From Genesis, “let the Waters come Together.” We see in the drawing, the sun and moon came to bath in these waters. This tablet has only the one meaning. We have killed the egg and contents, and destroyed all that it was or ever would be. We now will remake the substance. We do this by joining all of the creation to this substance within the oven, within the shell. Note, that it said in Genesis, “within one place.” That one place is within the shell within the oven. Important to understand that as it shows Genesis is from the ancient Egyptian understanding of how the earth was created.

This tablet (The Crowned King) is a metaphor
The Crowned King is representative of a bull, and or the sign for May.
In alchemy the time of year for this step is Called, “The May-Day.”
Normally and in many a pictorial allegory it is shown with a bull charging a ram.
The crown of course are the horns of the bull. In our process, the killing represented here is the destruction of the egg within our oven. It has to be taken out, and taken apart.
The yolk of the egg if you have done things right, will be enclosed within the membrane found inside the egg shell, and will be a little black ball.
The color black indicates death, that the egg has died so to speak, and the matter has returned to primordial matter. (Osiris in his Tomb)
The water of the egg, (the blood in the oven) has been removed, and collected at the bottom of the oven. It also has returned the substance to what the alchemists called primordial matter, a natural base. We now will move this matter forward.

It was thought that the world and all within it had been made with this matter through process. A fresh shell has to be placed within the oven, In the bottom half the black substance placed there and then filled with pure water.
The top of another shell will be placed over this collection, and the process resumed.
In the first part of the process we worked in the dark, now the oven has to set where all of nature can shine on it,
sun, moon, stars, fresh air, and still kept warm.
The alchemists tell you, a single substance, a single oven, and that no strange substance may be added.
Pure water is no stranger, and pure water will have to be added occasionally as it is lost. Never use dirty water of any kind. Before the oven was sealed, now it is vented and fresh air is allowed to enter. As the water and substance mix, a beautiful thing occurs, the Rainbow of alchemy appears. Within 24 hrs the water will turn a beautiful lime green,
this will last for a day. Then the waters will turn a beautiful sky blue,
again it will last a day and then finally the waters will turn a beautiful banana yellow,
which within a day will turn clear.

The oven sat in the dark for a period of four months to reach this stage.
During this time it has to be kept warm, (as a birds nest is the instructions).
It will now be processed outside, and always in light. This next step goes on throughout the summer, called the (three hottest months) by some alchemists and shown as three red stars. If I was to say what the soldiers represented, I would say the small mountains.
They cause the water in the oven to be directed back to the center to the substance being processed. There are many different pictorial allegories in alchemy connected with the so called May-Day. Not all are shown as this one,
but in each is represented a time for collecting water or dew.
In most of them if you will look, the light is represented in two streams coming down,
and represents collecting from two lights being sun and moon.
The above has to be collected by the below to be improved or augmented,
it can only work in one fashion, and that is by the vapor within the oven.
First we have vapor and light. The vapor absorbs the light during the day and night.
This vapor condenses and returns to the below to feed the earth within the vessel or shell.
This slowly makes a new earth. The sun shining on the substance does nothing, the moon shining on the substance does nothing, it must be a combination.

Now, I have shown that the sign is for the Bull Taurus and that it is for bringing the waters together. The word definition for the bull is “congelation.” Consider the third day of Genesis. Note that I am putting the word definitions to the constellation with the steps. This shows that the constellations were defined by this process. It cannot be a coincidence that what I am doing to the substance in the below is described by word definitions tied to the above as the times come and go throughout the process! So, how old is astrology? This process has to be older! Also now consider we have made a base matter. This is the same as was done by God in his Creation of the earth, it was believed. We took four days (months) to do, God one! We now are going to process this matter, and we will do so for three more months! Art, remember? Note that anciently the sun was considered male, the moon female. We will be making androgynous material. Those two aspects of the light are put into the matter. This is, it was believed the matters Adam was made of, and so why the discussion of a male/female type of creation of the first two persons created. As I told you, everything we have been told about the Creation of the Earth and the Garden of Eden are traceable to this process. It is your heritage from the past, you should know it and understand it.
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“always every seventh leaf was without any writing; but, instead thereof, upon the first seventh leaf, there was painted a Rod and Serpents swallowing it up.”
Authors Note: The lower serpent of this tablet gives us the sign for Leo. The time is the end of Leo in August. What has happened is the waters have come together. That is what he is trying to show by the serpent, one, swallowing the other. Note we have here the two serpents that we had in the first tablet. We said they were sun and moon. Here they are lying on the ground, in other words the above and below are now joined. In alchemy this is the "Androgyny Formed." Male and female are now within the matters. Outside this is what you have done with your compost pile lying in the lights if you had one. This is what happens to all matters outside recycled with and by nature over time. The understanding is about all seed. Seed, be it male or female will unite with this material and grow. From Genesis, the waters have come together. In the third day of Genesis, there is the "AND" word. That is yet to come, “and let the dry land appear.” As I mentioned seed, the seed here was destroyed. It does not matter if from an egg, or from a plant, what needs to be understood is that what the matters were going to be is now all taken away. A new substance being androgynous is what we now have. It can be nothing by itself. That also is important to understand. You might ask, what can nature do with this material if it has no seed. Nature wants to do something with it? What if naturally nature made material that she could do nothing with? Can you imagine what we would now have lying around? Also try to understand this part of the process and Androgynous Matter and what is talked about with the Creation of Adam and his being two persons in one. This is why the understanding that Eve could be made from Adams rib! His matters were both male, female. More on this later. First, that discussion proves the link of Genesis to this process. It also proves the ancient understanding that the earth was created by two lights, one male, one female. It all gets back to prove Genesis is not from Moses, but from the ancient temples of Egypt. It also shows how the present religion is from the ancient religion. I don't know if this information is there because those who changed things didn't know the past, or they felt it would never be found and explained. I mentioned the AND word in most of the "days" of Genesis. Two things are happening. Here, the fifth tablet is one thing, and as we move to the sixth tablet, that is about the "dry land appearing." I bring this up because the alchemists used Genesis as I said to describe the process, but each wrote and drew it in a different way. Even in groups where many tablets are used to describe these same few steps, if you will learn these and learn them well, you will always find them in other series allegories. I will point out and describe many of them for you. In time you also if you wish will learn to read what is there. It is your heritage.

Now that information is about alchemy, Genesis and the process. How about osiris. His matters in the Tomb are the same as these matters and he is going to soon be reborn androgynous. This shows as you learn everything about Osiris he is from this process also. Now here is where it will get a little sticky! Osiris will stay on the earth for a time before he goes to heaven after rebirth. This material is what “MAN” is going to be made of. This material is not good enough for Osiris if he wants to go to heaven and become a God. That is why the process will be repeated. This is the third Day of Genesis. The
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In the second seventh, a cross where a serpent was crucified. This serpent we have above. First if you will compare to the sign of Virgo, you will find the right side of this serpent has the same outline as Virgo the Virgin. You may have to look around because everyone changes signs as they never knew the design showed something! We have now moved to September. The serpent is now hung on a cross to dry! Our substance within the oven is raised to the upper work area, and is set in moonlight only (note one serpent), and is to be dried and ground to a powder at finish. This is the last part of the third day, “Let the dry land appear.” and so the third day occupies three of the tablets, when to start, how long and when to finish. The serpent is hung on a cross, and I will show you how to find this cross within the oven. The oven has two places of work as I noted, and this upper section is used as it is warmer, and so used at the colder times of the year. It will be the warmest part of the oven. Now we are collecting only moonlight, it more easily is collected in the above of the oven. Remember this cross as we proceed if you will consider the scales of the sign for October. To this cross extend the arms, and hang the trays (small mountains) and you have that sign. The substance now will become what is called mercury by the alchemists. Note we had mercury at the start of our process. That was the untreated mercury. This substance when dried is the purified mercury, and is now become the base of our stones we are trying to make. The substance is a pure now, virgin earth. Please note Virgo, and the virgin earth. If you will consider the astrological sign, you will see how the understanding of the sign coincides with the understanding of the substance and what we are doing with process. I believe this understanding is the original understanding and why they even came into existence (the above copied the below by man). This is a very “Old Science.” Proved by G. Masseys work as he compares the same understanding in the worlds religions in the past. Many have searched for the substance of the philosophers stone, and probably every substance found here in the below has been tried to make it, and here is the thing. The substance of the stone does not exist here on the earth, the base substance you have to first make to make the stone. Here the finish of the substance into dry earth, the change into mercury is that substance. As you look to September, consider the Osirian Mystery, and that Tat Tau Cross raised in September. It was at the end of September “when the scales came into play.” They are this same cross drawn in the oven and the small pyramids from the side view. The Cross with equal arms also was known at this time. All was in balance. The serpent is pinned to the cross with one spike! You might say at this part of the process, the dead serpent is the sun! It is not used here. Remember, we originally had two serpents and they were connected to the two lights. In Masseys work, “The natural Genesis he describes this tablet (not knowing this tablet or process) as a serpent on the Tau Cross and it is a serpent of “LIFE.” In Flamels work, he describes this substance as “where before we called it death, now we call it Life.” In ancient Egypt this is when they celebrated the Set Holiday, “death was overcome.” All that is because of this process. The matters have been regenerated, the waters have come together and the dry pg. 2

land has appeared! You have to think of this step and the Creation and what the earth was believed to be by the ancients at this point. Adam was made from this dry land, here called mercury. The alchemists said that , “Adam was made of a different substance.” I believe this understanding explains that statement. Also, this is where the “ORIGINAL VIRGIN BIRTH came from. I will give much more information from Massey on this later. This birth took both the moon, female, and the stars overhead, Virgo, female. This is a very important point to consider. The substance was brought forth by just females. Adam was not perfect, man was not perfect. When we get into the Gnostic gospels, and we mention the many religions, and Isis, Mirtha, Sophia, Venus, Mary, all those Ladies all get back to this understanding and this Virgin Birth in nature. The Two Sisters mentioned in some mythology, here is the Two Sisters also! In all the mythology in every part of the world those Virgin Births are all from this one virgin birth originally. The holy men of the times that walked the earth, carried this substance and healed people just changed the names with each different groups of people they were with to make the religion belong to the locals! The religions that are from all over, check them out. Learn this process, there is enough similarities in each to show they all came from this process.! More on the impurity of man later.

If you will look at Virgo, the Virgin,
Note the curves on the right side of the serpent are the same as the curves on the right side of Virgo. Time period, late August to late September. Virgo the Virgin is descriptive of the substance,
when it is dried!
A pure white substance made by nature,
but a substance nature could not make by herself.
The cross shows the substance is dried in the top of the oven, this has to do with
drying the substance in moonlight and above the constellation Virgo the Virgin.
From mythology, two female energy sources, see Osiris and the Two Sisters.
We see the small mountains in the background,
they are indicative of the small mountains in the oven.
From the picture, you see the serpent is above them.
We also know now that the serpents represent the lights above,
and so one serpent here means one light.
In the last tablet, the two serpents
showed both were involved, and so here one.
Like is a word used by the alchemists,
and so we have reached a point with our substance where like is important.
When finished we will have a substance pure in nature,
it will be white and Pure.
Because it was dried in moonlight, it is brought forth by the virgin (Virgo) in nature.
This is necessary as from this substance we will make either one or both stones.
The white stone deals only with the moon,
and so had to be finished by the moon.
The red eventually deals with the sun.
If we dried this substance with sun and moon,
we could not make the white stone from it as it would have male (sun) characteristics.
We had both male and female from our process up to the drying
and the substance was known as androgynyn,
By drying in only moonlight we produce Osiris and the virgin birth of nature.
We said that the substance turning into a black ball that it had returned to primordial matter and this was seen as death.
We now have overcome death and the white substance is seen in that way.
It is seen as a substance that has the capabilities of being many or all things.
I might point out that in ancient Egypt they had a holiday celebrated during September
and they called it the Set. Holiday.
It was a holiday where death being overcome was celebrated.
I can't prove the connection, but I think it is an obvious one.
This substance when dried is hard and pure white,
it will need to be taken from the oven
and ground to a powder for the continuing operations.
Always being careful as to what light you allow to touch it.

The word definition is distillation." Note we dried!
If we distill something we are drying it, that is what needs to be done at this point.
Why the Virgin? We now have (when dried) the dry land called earth finished on the third day.
We also have what is called Septembers Child in alchemy.
Flamel said “we have gone from death to life.” In Egypt, a celebration of life over death.
Now for the explanation.
I have said we work for the time when the substance can withstand direct sunlight.
Why is that the lights are used to impart sex to the substance.
We can always add light, but never take it away!
This substance is the end of Ouroborous. We went from death to life, full circle!

This substance was said to be the base of all things by many Alchemists. This needs to be researched. Who knows what the possibilities of these substances will be? I know of no information of matters treated this way and over time. I do know that the pyramid was said to do wonderful things to matter within. Also to growing things treated within the pyramid. The pyramid focuses energy that I call Creation Energy as it is the energy all of the below works with. If all in the below is formed by those lights above over a “Great Length of Time,” why would a short time purified matter not be of great benefit to us? The red stone as believed and as you will see and understand, is and becomes as the sun! This is the result of what we have always known as the “Good Light.” If you have believed the light is good, can you see the ancients found a gift of that light, and they believed it was a gift of God! Our religion of today came from this process. It was always about Matter! It simply because the ancients believed they had found God, changed it into an organized religion for the man. If the matter can be regenerated, resurrected as we will, does that mean that the mans matters after death can be regenerated and resurrected? To the ancients the answer was yes. We have everything we have today from this process. Take your time, learn everything and you will know that is a True statement. The God of Nature, which they found is not a bad God! I will show you that most persons tied to alchemy, all the Secret Socities, all were connected to this “God of Nature!” That is why they , if found out, fell into misfortune with the certain organized churches.
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And in the last seventh there were painted Deserts, or Wildernesses, in the midst whereof ran many fair fountains, from whence there issued out a number of Serpents, which ran up and down here and there.”

Authors Note: On this seventh tablet, hard to consider exactly what it is about? We see mountains, and serpents and water flowing down. In alchemy this is called the Conjunction. The waters are coming together. Alchemists said, “we must turn the wheel again!” We have made and finished the material for making the stone, we have the virgin earth, the “Dry Land.” We now start to repeat the process to actually make the stones of the philosophers. This is where we depart what was done in the creation process of Genesis, and alchemically we now want to improve what we have with the earth as in the earth of the creation. This is a point I could speak about for a long time because of the ramifications it has to religion. This is about what is man, and what is a God to the ancients. This is about what female made in the below, the moon, and now we are going to progress and make a substance from male, the sun! Remember, the sun is God in part, and male and perfect, in part! I am pointing this out because in religion, there is much discussion of God, pure and less pure and the Creation. All of it comes I am sure from discussion in the past by religious persons, priests of the Temple, and the fact that part of the stone in the creation is created less pure! Consider, what does this mean when comparing pure with the impure, and what man was made of and what it took to make Osiris a God? Now, most that read this material have no idea what I am talking about, but, Philosophically, all our religion comes from this process. The “Demigod” god also. This is I believe where from. Consider one thing. There are libraries of alchemical material. When known this process is all through it. Always hidden and unknown by the masses. They always spoke of it in a way it could not be understood, but if you will learn these steps and what I point out, you will find it is everywhere in the past, and still with us today. There is almost nothing that can’t be tied to what I am explaining. I will show many pictorial allegories when I get to that part of this site that will show and prove what I am saying.

There are two stones to be made, one the white stone, one the more powerful red stone. One takes now three months to finish, (the white), the other or red stone, seven. The first part of the process takes nine months, the second part seven months divided into three and four. This division is also all through religious doctrine, and seven is everywhere. Now seven to G. Massey is most always tied to the seven stars of the Great Bear, the plough, the big dipper, depending on which society or which people and what time we are speaking of. When you know this process of which Massey did not know, you will know that it is not tied to those stars or that constellation in many instances.

Back to alchemy and the process. This is the point where the one part mercury, is finished (nine months). This is where Osiris is reborn as a New Born Babe. This is the Virgin birth! In alchemy this is the substance needed to be made to make the stone out of. Where we now begin the work for the stones, the second seven months. With the above pictorial allegory, remember what we are working with. A substance (earth), serpents which are lights, and water. They are now again coming together to further purify and augment the substance below. This is a repeat of the Third Day! What we must learn and know here is that we are to make two stones with the material. Not shown in these tablets well enough to see. The white stone is just about the moonlight, and so never again will that part of the substance see the sun. I will show pictorial allegories and show this point. In alchemy this has to do with what is known as “Like.“ Only Like Materials or forces are used with the stones at certain points. For the red, we use both lights for now, to augment to Crowned Androgynous material, but eventually it will be finished by only the sun. The material was dried in moonlight only as the lights have been given gender. The sun is masculine, the moon feminine. The white stone is of a feminine character, and is linked to the moon. Here you now can see why. If we dried the substance and used both lights, the masculine effect of the sun would be imparted to the material, and no white stone could be made from it! It would be ruined as far as to make the white stone. In alchemy this understanding is shown by a “White Goose,” and sometimes a “White Swan. I will show this in allegory, feeding herself by using her own blood for food. Like is the word also for the same understanding. If here the lights are not Like the below, no stone will be made or finished correctly! When we work for the finish of the red stone, like or sunlight will be used only! This is how the term Like used by the alchemists is to be used and understood. The white goose/swan is feeding on her own blood is like saying the white stone is now feeding only on the white light of the moon. For the red stone, it will become a stronger more powerful stone and so is further augmented by both lights. For the next three month time period, two things are going to be going on. This time period is from October until the end of December or the beginning of January however you want to say it. The white stone will then be finished, and is then the white flowers of the second tablet. The red stone will be finished with the two lights for the further augmentation, and at that point becomes a work of only the sun. So the red flowers or red powder of that tablet. Remember this is the seventh tablet here, the last tablet in this series, but the over lap now takes us back to that first tablet and the second understanding.

Now, for the religious aspect. I said this is Osiris being augmented (red stone)so that he can become a perfect male and female of the earth. Then when we augment that substance with just sunlight (God in the religion) Osirs joins with Horus (Eye of God) (sun) for four months and by doing so is now or becomes, perfect male, perfect female, and so by the joining, “GOD.” There is much more to this for those who have studied this material. We make two stones, consider the Two Brothers as sometimes described, Jesus and John the Baptist. The white stone is as John. It is done with the top off. That is described as cutting the head off, by removing the cupel, I will show it pictorially and that is how it will be in the drawing. Everything of the white stone is as of John the Baptist. It about a lesser person, about moisture, (baptism), about the head off, all the same. Jesus, the Son of God as described is as the Red Stone, made perfect by the sun(God in the light). You have to study the Gnostic Gospels and other material to understand these connections.

Tablet One, second understanding.

Mercury is the substance we are to use, the serpents we showed are the two lights. We had waters below and the two lights. The old man we know now as Saturn, or Set, but he becomes Horus in the joining and ancient Religion. We discussed that battle that must be fought by the matters. Really in the process is which stone are you going to make, one, or both and so which light overcomes! We see the old man with an hour glass on his head with red powder or sand within it. What does this mean? The second understanding from what I have said, is now the time to fix the material, and make the red stone. To fix we are left with open and shut, and bind and loose, (from Flamel). This is where the seven months are split. We augmented for three months, now we fix for four more months to complete the red stone. I will show this also in several pictorial allegories. Now, another secret tied to this time of year, the Constellation Orion. The star Sirius, the Dog Star and the Three Wise Men! I mentioned in my part of the world I work with the sun and I start at my start of the year, Dec. 21. Christmas has been moved to December as we know it and celebrate it. In Ancient Egypt, They started in June. They reached this point following June. What is important about June is this is when these Constellations rise above ancient Egypt. These stars were picked because the three stars of Orions Belt are as the Three months of work to get to this point. Sirius rising is tied to Osiris going to heaven. It was said he disappeared from the earth. What does this mean? I do the work, the first three months after Septembers child (September my time) in the below part of the oven (on earth). Now, I have to move the substance into the upper part of the oven (in heaven) to join with the sun. This is or looks just like the Eye of Horus drawing within a pyramid you should be familiar with! The dog star is below because dogs eat rotten meat, and turned it into food or something good! So, the dog star simply is to help turn your rotten body into a new resurrected good body. Simply how the ancients expressed this idea in the above hoping it would happen in the below. I want to say here, many years ago when I started this work as my hobby, I only wanted to find the answer to alchemy. I am not an expert on astrology, The Gnostic gospels, any Religion, but when you know this process and you read any of these subjects they all come together. There are many books that need to be written on this process and how it has been augmented in every way by religious persons to control man! All from a simple process of Nature and Matter. You decide.

Tablet Two, Second understanding. We have the flowers on the top of the mountain.

One is for the completion of the white stone, the white flowers. The red is saying we are now working for the red only. The sun is at the side of the tablet, and is saying it is now a work of the sun. At the foot of the mountain is blue. This is water, we need as before to add water to the substance as it is how we “fix” the light above and create a new earth! Always water is involved. Let your substance go dry for one day, and the sun will destroy your work and you will have to begin again. I found this out many times. It is January and it is cold, the substance is at the top of the oven and will stay there till the finish. I said before that the tablets kind of blend together, that should be easier to see now. All cannot be said in one tablet, so it is necessary to see this blending of the matters and how to do it to understand. Here we just use seven tablets, some with a double meaning. Try to understand those series where a hundred or more tablets are used.

The second understanding of the third tablet. We are back to the garden, “a place where Gold was found.” Sixteen squares means the sixteen months have passed and now you have the red stone. It is the rose bush, which is like a metaphor for the red powder. It is a hollow oak as the stone is found within the hollow shell. The red powder has now become like the sun. The sun is perfect, the stone is also perfect. Osiris has risen and now can go to heaven to live with the Gods. Osiris is now three in One, androgynous, (male female) and then linked to God (the sun). Also, to further prove, this is the point where again, the top comes off the egg shell. Now the matters are “LIKE” the sun. Osiris is now like Horus and a God! Now we can further augment the stone to cause it to reproduce and so multiply the matters, just with light, vapor and time. Cleopatra (a female alchemists) said that at this step, “Let there be a Union between the Greatest and the Smallest). That union is now the matters and the sun, this is the first time the matters are capable of withstanding direct sunlight! The sun has been “fixed” to the matters! This is “The First Natural Resurrection!” Reams of material are already written about the Resurrection. This process though is about the
“Original Resurrection.” The ancients believed that as I explained, the matter was dead, and became alive, was regenerated, and then resurrected perfect. It can be no coincidence that all the steps of this process are the same as what was Celebrated and tied to the religion of Osiris, over the same time period, 16 months! And, that we have the same things celebrated and understood today in our modern religions, even though they are now several thousand years old. All came from this find in nature, originally. Man found how to perfect matter, believed he had found proof of God, and so organized religion became a reality. What I want you to think about is this. “what did the powder do to convince them of what they found? They say it cures all ills! Many in the past tied to this stone cured the sick! They say it turns lead to gold! As of yet I don’t know what it will do, hopefully I will eventually find that out. When and if I do I will explain it on my forum.

In Genesis, we have moved to the fourth day where the lights are in the firmament, and can now shine onto the earth. You see, many had thought that this day the lights above were created, sun and moon. That is not true, this day the lights were simply believed moved into the firmament, no longer above it. The relationship has changed to the one (creation process) we know today. The sun ruling the day, the moon the night. We now can know and use them as we want, if we want. As we review other allegories and understand them, all this will be much easier to see. Those allegories become easy to read when you know what they are about!

This was for me for many years a hard tablet to get any meaning from. But it becomes easy when you consider a few things.

This step and tablet is about the Conjunction.
He mention deserts and wilderness,
and so remember we proceed on this step
with a dry white powder mercury from the last step.
What we are doing is again bringing the waters together for the red stone,
same for the white but selecting the waters to apply.
From the first tablet we found the serpents on the staff were the lights above,
and so here again the serpents are the lights.
The streams are the waters issuing from the small mountains,
or within the oven we are also adding water and the process continues.
We have the lights, circulation,
and the substance that needs to be augmented for the red stone.
We will also be adding heat to keep the oven warm as it is now again, winter.
The conjunction is shown as starting in October,
and is from the substance finished in September.
The substance is now the True Mercury of the Philosophers.
It is the only substance on the earth that can be made into The Philosophers Stone.
The philosophers mention about every substance known to man
and tell you it does not produce the stone,
or is not used to produce the stone,
and one is left wondering what it could possible be made of ??
The answer is simple after you know,
the stone is made from a substance that you have to make.
It is not found on the earth naturally.

The Conjunction has to do with both stones.

For the red, we "turn the wheel again,"
the process continues.
It is basically a repeat of what we have done in the past.
All waters are used with the further augmentation of mercury.
The white stone, which is a lesser stone than the red,
can and is made from the mercury,
but the mercury is not first further augmented.
The white stone is made of like, is female and is from the moon.
We make it separately from the red,
we use only warmth, moonlight and vapor.
This step takes three months, lasts until January where the white stone is finished,
and the final work of the red will begin.
What is important to realize here,
is we are making a substance not found on the earth.
Mercury is a special material.
It will form the white stone,
and the process is a reaction caused by moonlight and vapor in contact with the mercury within the oven
It literally is the above being captured or condensed to the below.
Please remember that the lights were Good.
We never knew what that meant, but we will understand all this in the near future.

The red stone is finished in April. Osiris is resurrected to heaven. It is also Easter! All that we know of at that time are connected, even the Easter Bunny!

In ancient Egypt at Septembers end the Djed Pillar was raised with a Lion cloth and a Tit! This was never explained. It is tied to the sun(Lion cloth and Moon Tit), from the process. This was on (Tit) for three months and removed. The moons work was over. Things were hung from high places and put on hilly places, (the matters that went to the top of the oven for the white stone). They celebrated orgies! This is the waters (male sun and female moon) coming together to further augment The below did as was believed being doing in the above. Osiris as the matters in the process. Everything can be tied to this understanding if known! More to follow.

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