G. Massey

Pg. 125 “It is certain that the Tomb and the Womb are identical under various names“. - This needs be understood as to why the burial and preservation of the body. It was believed as I said before, the process could be applied to the man. That means when your buried, eventually you will be resurrected by a process similar to the making of the stone by God! There is other information from Massey that will firm this up.

Pg.125 “The Osirian, speaking as a reborn spirit says, “The Gods rejoice when they see him coming forth from the WOMB,” born of his mother.” -note reborn, and this only can be understood by knowing the process.

Pg. 125 “The Egyptian formula for the living and the dead is literally those on earth and on the mountain.” ‘The mountain being a celestial dome and breathing place above.” In the creation, the upper part of the egg shell was believed turned into the dome or arch of the sky, but to the ancients this dome was pyramid shaped!

Pg. 127 “ The beads were entombed with Egyptian mummies, the beads of Isis, a sign of gestation and reproduction.” - Beads of different numbers also, nine being one, they are tied to the Nine Months of work to get to Septembers Child in the process.

Pg. 128 ‘The beetle known as Khepr the transformer were buried with the dead in Britain as it was in Egypt.

Pg. 129 The beads that were worn by Isis during gestation, in the collar were nine in number.”

Pg. 131 “Bes is a form of the God Shu, also the God in green, the color of reproduction.” This is tied to the “Green Lion” of alchemy.! “ The Green Stone was not only the God of divinity but of breath, soul and reproduction.” Most of this alchemically is tied to the moon (female Isis).

Pg. 133. “Many of them are egg shaped. The egg was a most primitive type of birth and rebirth. “Oh sun in his egg.” ‘The sun or dead returned to the egg stage in the underworld for the re-hatching.” “Now the egg is an ideograph of enveloping and embalming the dead.” -Osiris was said in places to be “in his envelope.”

Pg. 133 The year was re-born from the eye, “at the summer solstice.” As I said, to the Egyptians, the new year started in our summer, June.

Pg. 135. “The meaning of words or symbols must be lost for them to become mythical.”

Pg. 136 “A Sayer or Logos was personified as the utterer in the Mythology before the Theology.”

Pg. 137 “Mata is in Sanskrit is the mother, also the moon as the measure of time.” Important to alchemy and to understanding that a Day in the Creation is based on one cycle of the moon!

Pg 137 “Mati may denote water and Breath, Decay and Renewal, a pair of feet, the Two Waters, the Two Solstices, the double Lunation, the Two Lion Gods, Light and Shade, Menstruation, and Gestation, Wet and Heat, the Circle and Heat, the Two truths or any other type of Twinship.

Pg 139 ‘ This is the Secret of the Sphinx, masculine in front, female behind. - This ties to the understanding of all Creation being Androgynous. Also, the ancients believed that when you came back, you could come as male, or female, man or beast. This all stems from the understanding of being created by sun and moon, male and female. I think also in their study of nature, they found all created things when rotted could come back as anything else planted in, say a garden. Or, compost can reproduce anything.

Pg. 139 “It was a common tradition of the Jews and other races that man, Homo was first created or formed of both sexes.” Again from the early understanding of how matter and the world was created from this process.

Pg. 145 “The name of the Goddess is Aahti is the name of the womb, the moon, Aah denotes the house, moon or thing which is duplicated by the Ti. The Lunar Aahti is the manifestor of the Two Truths in the waxing and waning of the moon. The Ibis was black and white thus representative of the lunar orb.”

Pg. 147 ‘The moon once sent an insect to men with this message, “As I die and dying live, so ye shall also die and dying live.” “Shu, the Feather of light and Shade also reads Ma; and Shu Ma or Shu and his sister Tefnut represent the Two Truths of breath and moisture. These in one form may be the Breath of Heaven and its Dew as Tef is to “Drip and Drop.” ‘They likewise denote the breath of soul and the blood of source, the mystical water of life.’ - Soul is tied to moisture and moon, blood to moisture and sun. In both instances Air (breath) is necessary to collect.

Pg. 149 water is the First Form of matter in all the oldest Mythologies or Cosmologies. Consider Genesis, and consider the First Day when all was waters and how it coincides with June in ancient Egypt, when the Nile flooded and all was waters!

Pg. 149 Water was the First Cause in Egypt.

Pg. 149 Water is called by Plato, “The Liquid of the whole Vivification.” and again he alludes to it mystically and to a “Certain Fountain.” The vivification is the essence gathered from the sun within the fountain, The Fountain is the Never Failing fountain of the Alchemists, the pyramid oven.

Pg. 149 “The confusion of vapor that raises from the lakes as Spirits ascending from the lakes is common in Africa.” as in the oven, the Spirit is in the vapor. This shows an ancient forgotten belief system.

Pg. 151 “ In the Beginning all came out of the “Nu” the waters of the Firmament.” Consider again ancient Egypt and the Nile flooding.

Pg. 157 “ Vapor produced from water by heat was a primitive illustration of the Breath of Life The vapor or sweating bath is a inexplicable feature in the mysteries of the American Indian.”. More from a forgotten past.

Pg. 159 The two symbols held in the hands of the Egyptian Gods are the Hek or the Aut Crook, and the Khi. The hook which denotes laying hold is the determinative of Matter, as Aut, the Khi is a fan, the sign of breath or Spirit. Again about matter and breath, surprised there is not something about Vapor with this.

Pg. 160 The Two Truths are linked to Baptism. John said “I Baptize with Water but Jesus is he who Baptizes with the Holy Ghost.” I think I have shown this was a very old belief, and was just carried on from the ancient belief system. That is the important thing, to show all of this is from the Ancient Belief System, which is organized by man from the natural Process of perfecting matter.

Pg. 162 ‘The two waters are divided and one of them is underlined in Red by John, as the Water and the Blood.” The two waters are from the two lights, the sun is blood and red as in all of alchemy. The moon is connected more with cool moisture and is Blue.

Pg. 162 “It was the red and blue lotus in Egypt where red signifies flesh and blood, blue signified the soul.” Soul is from Moon!

Pg. 163 “ John identifies the Later three as The Water, Blood and Spirit.” “The Christ came, by Water and Blood.” The Alexandrian Version distinctly says he ”came by Water and Spirit.” another version gives the Water, blood and Spirit.” When you understand, blood and Spirit are the same so it doesn’t matter. This is just different groups expressing the same thing differently! To say though, the Christ came from water and blood is to say that Christ is from the Good in the Light! Water and Spirit means the same thing. What does this mean? Are they saying the Christ is the Perfected Matter?

Pg 163 “The negroes of St Croix on becoming Christianized insisted on being Baptized by Rainwater that comes down from heaven.” ancient Lost Belief System

Pg. 163 “When the two waters are distinguished as male and female, existence, healing and purity are dependent on their not being Mixed. Various legends inculcate the never mixing of the red source and the white.” Remember my explanation of Like in alchemy? There are two stones, they are never mixed in any way, and both are made differently with the two lights.

Pg. 164 “The water that divides in space is a type of bifurcation in the beginning.” What this means in the process is we collect the vapor, “Day and Night.” This is necessary to collect from both lights.

Pg. 168 ‘Thus the miracle of healing belongs of necessity to the Astrological Allegory.”

Pg. 168 The Twin Pool was located in Ann, the white water being southward and the red northward.” -Consider the Two Earths again.

Pg. 169 “The Opg 171 “Osiris is pure by that well of the South and the North.” This would indicate at least one year of the 16 month process.

Pg. 171 The Mount or Rock and the Tree are co-types with the water at the point of all commencement and this can be traced in many localities.” Mountain and Tree, always connected and is the pyramid oven!!

Pg. 172 ‘The Tree the Water and the Serpent , which are clustered together in various myths can be identified at last as Inner African, for these are the three supreme types of divinities of several races.” Again a common origin or religion in our past.

Pg 174 The Two Truths were also assigned to the “Two Sisters.” “Isis and Neft“ In our process the Two Sisters are Virgo the Virgin, bringing forth the matter as Mercury, and the Moon. This is the “Original two Sisters.” The rest are all copies of this fact!

Pg. 176. But the sun is the later deity that in the Mythos sheds one water that turns to blood and a liquid source of Life. The Hebrew deity is also represented as shedding two creative tears.

Pg. 178 The twilight of the two Truths was perpetuated; the past forever reproduced, as the most hallowed thing that could be reproduced by Art. I would like to know how they did this! Massey believed the Two Truths had to do with the female and giving life tied to water and breath. It was, but the female actually was the Moon, and the water and breath is how the matter is brought forth, not a child!

Pg. 179 One frequently meets with proofs that the symbolism of the ancients survives in the Secret Societies. For example, Jacob Bohme, who was one of the illuminati, observes, We must be silent concerning the Times of the ancients, who’s number shall stand open in the Rose of the Lily, And he further remarks, those who are ours will know what I mean. What he means is this, the times are the times of the stone as you change steps during the year. The Lily is tied to the moon. The Rose is design, as in Rose window or Gemstone. What he is alluding to is the Day Based on the cycle of the moon. The times are always based on so many days of the moon in the process.

Pg. 180. The Mysteries of the Masons is founded on the goddess Ma, who survives in them by her name. “Ma” and “Ma” sons!

Pg. 180 The Masons work under the Master builder as the Seven Khnemmu work under the direction of Ptah. - The Seven khnemmu are tied to the seven months of finish work for the stone, they said four of them were special, and those four are about the last four months of the seven when the process is tied directly to the moon.

Pg. 181. One sign worn by Ma is an ostrich feather that denotes black and white. The Masons wear a black suit and a white apron. The Masons walk together, Two and Two, Ma is duel! Sen “son” of Mason means “Two.”

Pg, 181 The two Lion gods who kept the Two solstices, north and south. Important as this again shows the two earths, and that the sun is represented by the Lion. Also in alchemy, many places the stone is represented by the Lion. I will show this in pictorial allegory.

Pg. 182. Petru is to show, explain, interpret. Hence Peter of the Mysteries or who became the Peter of the Christian Church. Hmm, does this mean that perhaps Peter was not a real person?

Pg. 182. The Two Truths are illustrated by the number 9 and 10. The number 10 is Luner. -I have explained number 9 as when Osiris is reborn as a baby. 10 just means how or from what he was born! Also, “it is menat, meaning “The Wet Nurse.” You should understand this as being tied to the moon in alchemy! Now, important and proof, “ The number nine of Ptah and Ma is that of drfy measure and the reckoning by nine solar months.

Pg. 182 Important, “The Great Pyramid was built by these numbers, reckonings, its slope being called nine by ten.!

Pg. 183, The one Truth out of all beginnings is probably extant under the name of Nuter. In India this is the ancient name for blood, and this source was typified by Neith (Isis) who was designated Nuter the feminine “Nature” out of whom all issued in the beginning, the one blood of the motherhood, which became duel through the typical “Two Sisters” when the fountian head was divided into the first two Totemic lines of descent.” Important, this is where the ‘Original Virgin Birth’ came from when noted as being tied to the Two Sisters. The Two are the moon and the constellation Virgo.

Pg 183, The Two Lives correspond to the Two Truths as matter and Spirit, or body and soul. -Important, this is where originally we received Spirit, from the sun on the Creation process, as the ancients believed.

Pg. 183. This is Extremly important, about Good and Evil!! This ties to many things in the Gnostic Gospels as it is where and why evil, an Evil creation of man, being created by a lesser God, etc. “ “ The origin of Good and Evil in the Nature of man considered as a being of flesh and Spirit, and as the embodiment of two opposite principles, with a spontaneous tendency toward Good, supposed to originate in the Spirit, and an antagonistic impulse toward evil assumed to be engendered by the blood (or flesh) which this is tied to “Like.” we make the below “Like” the above.. Part of a parable by Jesus, “When you make the one Two, and the inside like the outside and outside like the inside.” This is the alchemists making “androgynous material (The one two) and then making by process, like, the inside, like the outside.! This is Osiris (the matter) uniting with Horus!

Pg. 467 The author of the Book of God speaks of a picture of Paradise described in Brahminic theology. At the top of the seven-stepped mount there is a plain and in the midst a square table surrounded by nine precious stones, and a silver bell. On the table there is a silver rose called Tamara Pua, which is the shrine of two women, who are only one in reality, but two in appearance according as they are seen from below or above; the celestial or terrestrial one. In the first aspect the twin woman is Briga Sri, the 'lady of the mouth;' in the second she is Tara Sri, the 'lady of the tongue.'[25] This dual being was depicted in Egypt as Pekht, the lioness. Pekh means division, and the genetrix divided into the double-mouth. One pekh (or peh) is the sign of the hinder-part (the back) the north, the mouth of birth the fore part (pekh-pekh or pekhti) is the mouth in front and therefore the mouth of the tongue. The double mouth typified the two horizons and the divided lioness was equivalent to the two sisters who represented earth and heaven.

- “Brahaminic Theology”? is this not the same as from ancient Egypt?

Pg. 468 The Hindu Aditi is the Great Mother of the gods who becomes twain. As the mother who yielded milk for them, she is identical with the cow of heaven in Egypt. Aditi was the primeval form of Dyaus, the sky divinity, who appears as such in the Rig-Veda, however rarely. She alternates with Diti as mother of the embryo that was divided into seven parts, the seven who were also called the seven Adityas[27].

-The ‘Hindu”? Sounds like Ancient Egypt to me!

Pg. 469 Our British Druids must have possessed the myths and symbols of Egypt right to the inmost core of the matter. The Great Mother who bifurcates in the two heavens, or the two divine sisters, is represented by Kêd in two persons as Keridwen and Ogyrwen. Also her daughter repeats the dual phase. She has two names. As Kreirwy her name denotes the token of the egg (i.e., virginalis) as Llywy she is the emaner of the egg; i.e., Matrona. The double daughter represents the two phases of the female nature.

-British! Sounds like Ancient Egypt to me.!

Pg. 469 'Of the vivific Goddesses,' says Proclus, 'they call the one older but the other younger.'[32] These two forms of the mother appear in the Mapgaian mythology as Vari and Papa. Vari is the very beginning in the Abyss, the Polynesian Sige who dwells in the mute land at the bottom of Avaiki, where she is the originator of all things, from the water or mud of source. She is the blood-mother who creates her children from pieces of her own flesh, these therefore are equivalent to the embryos of A-diti. Vari is the first form of the Great Mother and Papa, answering to Diti, is the second. It is Papa who produces the first human being in a perfect human shape, as the mother of breath or soul called Foundation[33]. In a dramatic song of creation Vari, the first of the two is celebrated as the source of all, and the singers claim descent from her, the mother, alone, 'We have no Father whatever; Vari alone made us,' and 'Vari the originator of all things, sheltered Papa under her wing.'

-”She is the blood-mother who creates her children from pieces of her own flesh,” This is the same understanding in Alchemy where the young are fed by the blood of the Mother, usually a Goose is used, connection to the moon!

Pg. 472 The fish denoted the element of water; the dove signified the soul of breath that was derived from the mother. The breath or spirit of life was first perceived in the motherhood, and the Two Truths of the water and breath were assigned to the mother. This accounts for the feminine form of the creative spirit in Hebrew. Julius Firmicus observes, 'the Assyrians and part of the Africans wish the air to have the supremacy of the elements, for they have consecrated it under the name of Juno.'And according to Proclus, 'Juno imports the generation of the soul.' Dido, who at Carthage was portrayed with a beard like the standing image of Aphrodite at Paphos, had a second character in Anna. These two divine sisters, the bonia coelestis and inferna coelestis were worshipped, the one, Dido, with dark bloody rites; the other, Anna, the charming one, with cheerful ceremonies. They divided into the good goddess of the upper heaven and the evil one of the lower.

-Again from many places. The Dove mentioned above became the Goose in alchemy! Soul is always from the moon ‘Isis.”

Pg. 473 It was argued in the earlier volumes of this work that the legend of Sut-Horus was pre-monumental, and belonged to the time of the Shus-en-Har, to whom an historical period of 13,420 years is assigned. This view has since been corroborated by the inscriptions discovered at Saqqara. In the later phase the twin-brothers are called the 'Sons of Osiris,' as was the way after the fatherhood had been established. They are described as having quarrelled and fought for the succession, whereupon Taht intervened, and assigned to each his domain, one having the north, the other the south. Hence, the first division of the heaven, or the land of Egypt, by north and south was the result of the quarrel and division of the twinborn brothers. These are the two brothers of universal mythology, and the myth is now proved to be incalculably ancient in Egypt; not a later importation from Asia as some had previously thought.

- See how old! This is why it is all around the world. In our past there evidently was a one world religion. One of the cities in South america is said to be 17,000 years old!

Pg.493 Egypt will tell us who were the two gold children. They were the twins in a dual stellar phase of the mythos. Sut-Nubti (or Sothis-Canopus) was the golden Sut of a dual nature, represented double-headed, or as the golden twin; and the type would be the same if called the double Anubis (the golden­dog, canis aureus), or if it were taken for the sun and Sirius, or the sun and Saturn in a later phase. The reader may see the golden Sut (jackal or dog) in the tree which is planted in the decans of the grand or great mother, Isis, who personates the sign of Virgo - Showing how these different star groups are tied together.

Pg.496-Important- .These two heavenly beings came together in the beginning to that which was the first creation. Whatsoever is living is through the purpose of Ahura-Mazda, who is the life, and whatsoever is lifeless or of death is through the purpose of Anra-Mainyus the destroyer. They are designated the Two Creators, the Two Masters, who are sometimes spoken of as the Two Spirits of Ahura Mazda. And Haug argues that 'in consequence of an entire separation of the two parts of Ahura-Mazda, and the substitution of two independent rulers governing the universe, the unity of the Supreme Being was lost, and monotheism was superseded by dualism.' He attributes the Persian dualism to a personal Zoroaster, and observes that 'this great thinker of antiquity having arrived at the grand idea of the unity and indivisibility of the Supreme Being, undertook to solve the great problem, how are the various kinds of evil in the world compatible with the goodness, holiness, and justice of God? He solved this difficult question philosophically by the supposition of two primeval causes, which, though different, were united. The one who produced the reality is called the Good Mind; the other, in whom originated non-reality, bears the name of the Evil Mind. All good, true, and perfect things, which fall under the category of reality are produced by the Good Mind; whilst all that is delusive and belongs to the domain of non-reality, is traceable to the Evil Mind. These are the two moving causes of the universe, united from the beginning, and therefore called the twins (Yema; Sanskrit, Yamau).' In Manichaeism the development of doctrine culminated, and the eternal antagonists were separately enthroned in ceaseless conflict in the domain of what are termed spirit and matter; the original division of day and night was deepened and darkened into a great gulf riven right through the constitution of all things and the moral nature of man. But the myths do not disclose any deeper meaning by our reading into them the ideas of later times; we are only imposing on them a sense quite foreign to them in order that they may impose upon us and others in return. Each phase of the mythos out of Egypt can be identified and interpreted by the Kamite typology from the beginning to the end; and to the beginnings we must go back to learn

-This really gets back to the fact that man was created as earth and not perfected. Man was created or brought forth by the moon, not the sun. everything gets back to Genesis and how it was believed the All below was created and by which divinity. It is tied to much of the myth in different aspects and that is what must be known to understand. Consider again the serpent and Eve. Consider the above, see, all has to be considered to understand. Massey did not know anything of the process. I am not sure who it was that felot man was created by evil? Man created from earth not perfect must have been discussed by many a Philosopher in the past, those that knew this mythology (I call it, it wasn’t to them) who can say how they all understood it?

Pg. 497 Many examples are given by Bosio and others of the twin Jesus; Christ the younger and Christ the elder. The American writer Lundy is pitiably perplexed at what he comes across in the Christology of the Roman tombs. The only possible explanation, he says, of the double Jesus, the young-elder, and the juxtaposition of the youthful Christ and the old one is that this contradiction is intended to depict the two natures in Christ, the divine and the human; the little, old, ugly, hairy man being the human likeness, and the youthful, majestic beardless figure the type of the divine[122]. The treatment is simply that of the Sut-Horus, and of Horus the elder and Horus the younger. The elder Horus, Har-Ur, was the old first one, the mortal, the one who wears the human image, he who was born to descend and suffer and die because he represented the declining sun in the lower signs. Horus the younger was the perennial youth, called the Lord, the Majesty, the God of the Beautiful Face. He was the sun-god, as the young immortal, the type of the eternal sonship. It is the same dual type that is traceable all mythology through. So Prajapati was one-half mortal, one-half immortal, and with his mortal half he feared death.

-Can you see what I was trying to explain. Here the one is of the earth, the other is of the sun. One dies, one is perfect.

Pg 499 The 'Two Women' who brought forth the twin brothers were placed in the zodiac six signs apart. The one, Virgo, was the Virgin Mother of the child-Horus, the negative one of the twins who is born first, but who, in the solar mythos, has to be reborn, and this time begotten by the father, Osiris, or Atum, in the menti or 're-foundry' of the male generator. This second Horus, the 'only-begotten of the father (or from a father), full of grace and truth'—each phrase may be found applied to Horus, the redeemer—was reborn of the gestator in the sign of Pisces; and the dual imagery of the zodiac, the two women and the two children who were first born as Sut and Horus, and lastly as Horus the elder and Horus the younger, is perfectly paralleled or preserved in the gospel according to St. Luke. Elizabeth the barren, who is described as the barren when she was six months gone with the child John, brings forth six months earlier than Mary. The barren breeder can only be understood according to the typology of the mythos. One horizon was the lower, considered to be that of earth, the other that of heaven. The imagery is reproduced by John, who says of himself and Jesus, 'He must increase, but I must decrease.' 'He that cometh from above is above all; he that is of the earth is of the earth, and of the earth he speaketh.' The precise characters and relationship of the mythical twins is preserved. John represents the element of water; Jesus the fire or spirit. John precedes the light, as does the dark one in all the true legends, and says, 'He that cometh after me is preferred before me; for he was before me,' as was Jacob, Ormizt, or Tangaroa, who was first by right of birth, although the latest born.

-Note six signs apart, Today in the northern hemisphere we use seven! Everything I have said is here. This is the two stones, the division, the two brothers, John and Jesus and where they are from.

Pg. 505 So, according to Plutarch, Anra-Mainyus, the Dark Mind, broke open the eggshell to be born first—the eggshell which images the heaven. -Showing heaven and egg shell are considered the same, consider Genesis.

I am going to end with this book at this point. Please believe I have only copied a small part of what I could have, trying to show just easily seen and understood information. If you want to know all and how in-depth it is Learn the process, learn the Constellations tied to the steps, learn Genesis and how to use it, lastly learn alchemy. Between my book, what is on my web page and from my forum that is not as hard an undertaking as it was for me! Believe that.

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