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This is of course one of my favorite designs! It shows the egg! The point about the egg is that the Ancient Egyptians believed that everything came from an egg in the Creation epic. Look to nature. Does not everything start out from what we can call some sort of egg or seed? To the ancient Egyptians everything came from the eggs laid by the “Great Cackler.” As PHI is found in the design, is this the object that they spent time with and so found God? The egg is the “earth” produced by God in Genesis, First Day. That’s how I can understand it and make it work (Genesis). Actually the contents of the egg became earth, the shell is understood as Heaven. That is in G. Masseys books, “The natural Genesis” “the shell of the egg is to be understood as heaven!” What you need to understand is this, what the ancients put in their designs was well thought out, and it meant something to them. The egg is not here just because it made a good design for their society! Look at the design. Count the stars. There are nine of them, -but- the stars are divided between seven and two. It is a 16 month process divided at nine months. There are also Two Eyes. First the stars. The matter of the stone is finished in nine months, covering nine. It takes seven more months to make the stone from that matter, and that is why seven! The two by themselves, and the two Eyes within triangles. Is there not two lights in the Creation, Sun and Moon? Is there not two stones to produce? Pretty clever I think of the designer! You need to know how the process was worked and divided throughout the year and then, all the numbers used 7, 8, 9, 16,etc, all will have meaning. Another example was the number 10. The trinity it was understood to be made in seven months, and so seven and three made 10! The trinity simply meant that in the matter produced there was Spirit (sun) Soul(moon) and a Body (the substance). This belief is still with us today. Watch the T V descriptions of Adam in the Creation being androgynous material (male and female) It is all “originally” from this ancient belief that this is how the earth was Created, and then Adam was created from this same material. Also, we work with dew, vapor within the oven, however you want to describe it. See the wings? Like in Baptism (a dove descending) that is how alchemically we collect the above to the below. So many things of the process is within this design, if you know the process. It is all in my book! Here, the upper eye is the Eye of Horus within heaven (triangle), the lower eye within the 8 sides figure I believe it to represent the moon and her many phases. The(ancients) knew the moon was reflected light of the sun! Did you know that the yolk of the egg is held in place within the center of the shell, is this why we work in the center of the pyramid oven? The shell of the egg allows light to move through it, this is also important to Genesis as that fact allows the “waters” to come together in one place (within the egg). In Genesis it said, “That God saw the light and that it was Good.! You should now know why that statement is there.
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The representation of God as a single eye is distinctly occult in nature and takes its roots in Egyptian symbolism as the Eye of Horus. In ancient Egypt the “Eye of Horus also was believed to represent the sun, the supreme Deity! This last statement is wrong as to how I understand it. A “Part” of God was placed into the light, it was not “All” the light. The ancients worshipped that part, not the whole sun! That part is what we capture by process, it is also it was believed what maintained the below!
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Above you see the White House, and in the background the “Washington Monument.” It is an Obelisk! In ancient Egypt the obelisk represented Ra, a shaft of light of the sun, any description ties it to the sun and the Good in the sun linked to God! On the top is a “Small Pyramid Shape.” It was believed by the ancients, God could or would come to that shape! God is Perfect, he does not just come to any shape (ancient belief). So two things are important to know from the Obelisk. I mentioned before that it is important to know why all churches cathedrals, and temples, etc are built to a specification in design. This is the reason and where the understanding came from. As a perfect Being, God will only come to a perfect Shape. That shape is heaven, or firmament! But, it is found throughout nature, so God is basically, everywhere in nature.

The Pyramid or Firmament design was to the ancients an understanding that should be known. The name is said to be Greek and means, “Fire in the Middle.” It has also been understood by the Khemitians, who called it Per-Neter, as a “House of God.” Some though like to say that the meaning has to do with nature and so a “House of nature.” However you want to understand it, it is a special design where we can cause the forces of nature to concentrate and so over time slowly perfect the matters within. The ancients found that out and used it to find God. You can see by the designs, by the buildings, the Masons were and are tied to this ancient belief system. Compare alchemy, to the masons, to The Rosicrucians, and lastly to the Templars. In time it should be clear that though they used different symbols and sayings, all are the same when known.

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