Cheops, My Understanding

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I never accepted the explanation of others on the explanation of the Kings Chamber. If that five slabed roof was needed to support the weight, then why the Queens chamber being further down in the pyramid didn't? I see the design (Kings chamber design) as like the "Bed and Breakfast sign. That is a chevron with a slab under it. Only here we have the chevron with five slabs. Does that mean there are five divisions under the pyramid? That is what I find with this drawing. What I have done is make it as though this is the drawing used to build the pyramid. A' is the distance from the tip of pyramid to the left vent. A'' prime is the second distance down and picks up the last (fifth) point down from that . By extending the right vent, I could pick up A''' The Queens chamber tip picks up the third point! By extending the descending passageway, I pick up the forth point down. I find it very interesting that the fifth point is at the level of the Nile. If I extend a line parallel to the descending passageway from point five, I end up under the pile or rubble put there by the builders of the pyramid. It would seem an entrance is there buried so that it would never be found except by one who might find it by this means. Seems too many coincidences to be a coincidence! There had to be a drawing similar to this prior to building the pyramid.

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