A Modern Day Alchemist     by Photojournalist Chris Coffey       Published Aug 07, 2008
Alchemy is a science reaching back at least 2500 years. Alchemy was practiced in nearly every part of the developing world and sought to understand life through a combination of magic and primitive chemistry. Alchemy is no longer practiced, except for a handful of people around the world who believe the goals of Alchemy are attainable. Honeoye’s Alfred Sylvester claims the secret of Alchemy was hidden from the masses for centuries. With his new book ‘The First Mythology’ he shares 35 years of his personal research into Alchemy. In it he describes how he solved the riddle of the 'Philosophers Stone', the legendary substance thought to cure all ailments and extend life. Sylvester’s labors recently paid off when he actually created the 'Philosophers Stone'. He was not able to test the crystal like substance. His dog tipped the research table over and the results were lost. Sylvester continues his research and hopes others will carry on the process and discover what the substance can actually do.
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The First Mythology Part 1

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The First Mythology Part 2

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The First Mythology Part 3

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