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I want to do some of Splendor Solis. Some here are very important to the religion. This is the second Tablet, and shows the overlap. Look at the colors, orange, red and lavender. That is the last three colors of the stone. Who could figure this process if they did not know that?
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This is also showing the overlap. We have two fountains above. We only work on Two Stones after October, till December. Note the Sword, a "work of the Sun." Note the Three Colors on his chest. Red, White and Black. The three major color of the stone. Compare to the lady in the pictures on the site with the necklace showing the stones with these same colors. The water is circulating as it always does in the oven
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This shows Mercury, the First Androgynous material. Note wings and colors of the sun and moon. The black, blue, white and gold color of the circle seems to say, I made the androgynous material from the black with water (blue) and moon (white) and sun(gold) light. This is the "dry land called earth" in Genesis, Third Day. This is Osiris created as a baby in September(that religion). This is what man was created from (in Genesis)! This would be the 'Virgin birth, (where from originally). all these connections need be understood.
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Lor This is an important allegory to understand, and I will show others where the "head is cut off." The man is cut into pieces and the head is off. This is the mercury made in September. For the White Stone. We grind the white matter into a powder, and the work goes on with moisture and "Moonlight Only." Why this is important. It is about head off, moisture, and is the lessor stone! In the modern religion which is a copy of the Osirian Religion, which is a copy of this process, consider John the Baptist. He is a lessor person, his head is cut off, he works with moisture. Note also, this alchemists is showing the work for the red also. He is in part red, he has a sword that indicated sunlight. This series has only 22 allegories so some allegories will have a double meaning as many in the series do. Consider Baptism. It is tied to an "Ancient Belief System." It is actually about collecting the Good in the Light by using rainwater. That is shown in G. Masseys work!
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I wanted to show these two together to show that together they give the 3/2 ratio. 3 boys, 2 women! This ratio needs to be understood and is explained in my book. This ratio is at the end of the process. I include the St. Thomas Shield. If you look at the Third Quadrant of that allegory, you will see 3 fishes, two look in one direction, the other different. That also is of this ratio. flamel used a key, (included) and on the one side there are 3 toes, the other 2! This is shown in many allegories.
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An interesting allegory. Note the man is coming out of the water and is Black, Red and White. Those are the colors of the stone. She is gold and white or sun and moon. But, she has a red cloth so will dry the matter with the sun(red) This is telling you the matter here is worked on by the sun only and would indicate it is androgynous matter. The six pointed star together is a way of telling you the waters have come together. This allegory to me is hard to explain exactly what he is indicating. Green is used in most allegories to connect to nature. What is confusing is the Red Cloth which indicates, "only the sun!"
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This is called the "Dark Moon" by others today. As it is in the series just before the 3/2 ratio it is a problem to explain. The ratio is just about the Red Stone. Androgynous material is just before this allegory and so from what the Red Stone is made from. Understanding what the alchemists means can sometimes be a problem, So, this is out of place as he is indicating two lights and would be tied to the androgynous material before Crowned is shown or, he has a "Dark" moon here to indicate there are two lights, but for the end and Red Stone, the moon is not used or dark or blotted out. I think that is what he is showing! If it is positioned right.

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