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This is the third series I am going to explain and show. Those series I am working with have all the steps and important bits of knowledge one must know to eventually understand the process, and how it became a religion. This series will also show how it is so similar to the others that it actually is the same. They (each series) had to show the same steps differently. That is how the alchemists worked. If each drew the same way then it would become known and very clear what it was about. Also remember, in the past few would ever see this information. Even today, few ever see any of it or even know of it yet, it is a record of what the past was about. This information is the only 'Truth" that is left for us from the past. There are great amounts of this information, Please visit the web site that most of this information comes from. With what I am putting on this site, in time much or most of what is on the alchemy web site will become understood.
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Engraving 4 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt 1622

This pool of water is very interesting by the design of the sides, three levels! This is about the time period of three months between October and December. This is the first three of the seven month period to finish the stone. There are several other allegories drawn differently but I will show them to show how they hide the time period. Here, again, it is the three levels for three months. Note a man and a woman in the water. That is sun and moon for the Red Stone. Note the White Bird above, that is about "Like" and the White Stone being made over the same three months. Note the "T" design of the water. This shows that at least part of the work (for the White Stone ) is being done in the above work place of the oven. In these drawings, almost everything in the drawing means something. When a series has many drawings, then each pictorial allegory will just show a part of a step.
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Engraving 6 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622

This allegory is about the matter as it goes into the oven. Note the Glass Pyramid design. There are very few places where the oven design is actually shown. The Peg leg man, and the Skeleton are as Mercury and the Old Man in a cloud in the Abraham Series. This is the old battle of the lights, good and evil, however you want to see it. In alchemy is was tied to the fact that two stones can be made. In many cases only one would be made, depending on which the alchemists wanted or needed. This allegory ties to the religion of Osiris in the mythology where he was placed into a coffin that only he could fit. Here it shows a man and a woman, depicting from Genesis, the "Waters Below." In the egg, there is two waters, the one is separated to be used later.
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MR10. Engraving 10 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata,

"Always count!" Here you have 12 moons and one sun. This is the start of the work for the Red stone of the Sun! It is the 13th month or the following January. The androgynyn is completed, notice a crown or crowned androgynous material. The 3/2 ratio now comes into play (see serpents in cup). This is matter above the "earth" created in Genesis. Many things must be known, many things tied to each step! This is "Sirius rising over Egypt in June (Our December), where the matter (Osiris) joins with the sun (Horus) and is aligned with the three Stars in Orions Belt!.
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Engraving 18 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata,

Another of my Favorites! This again is showing the second December, time for the work of the Red Stone. Note the water level, and how it cuts the stars between the third and fourth? Note left side and angle indicating oven. Note seven stars. In the above, it shows sun and moon in water, that is what we just did past three months of work. Now it is a work of the sun and Matter (the Lion). Why just the sun is at the top. Lion again as the matter had to become "Like " the sun. This is when Osiris goes to heaven to Unite with Horus. The Green is tied to Nature and the power of Nature and her forces. Remember the sword and Ramparts( In Atalanta), how the sword cut the ramparts between the third and forth, this is the same thing shown differently.
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Engraving 15 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622.

This is just another way of showing the 3/2 ratio. This way is copied in many of the series and I will show some of them. Three persons, two of them children!
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Engraving 13 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622.

This is showing the finish of the work, and that is the Garden in the background. as in Abraham, third tablet. It shows that the androgynous material is now the King. Note Seven trees in background which mean seven months have passed. That is seven after September (ninth month). That also is shown in many of the series, the use of seven after the ninth month. Remember, it all was "hidden" information. These guys were pretty clever!.
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Engraving 19 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622.

This is depicting the matter in December, after one year as that also is made with sun and moon. As the Crown of gold is being placed on the head that could be what this allegory is about. It is from the imagination of Mylius, some are close and hard to say exactly which step. The red is sun, the white moon, it is now going to be just a work of the sun. usually a child is not shown at this point. Usually a child is shown in September, known as Septembers Child. The Crowned sun and Moon, the Crown on the child to me says finish of work and into last step
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Engraving 3 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata,

This is the summer months, sun and moon being used plus heat to keep it warm. Some heat is needed especially where I live. This time is described as "The Three Hottest Months of the year. That is the three red stars in the St. Thomas shield, first quadrant. Note again the design of the oven base under the fire. Note the three windows above the heads of the man and woman (sun and moon). Note the vapor, always keep it wet in the oven or the work is lost.
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Engraving 9 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622
MR05. Engraving 5

These two together because of the color. This is the finish of the red stone. This is the color the matter will become as it is finished. Note that in both it is "open to outside. The light shines directly on the matter for the finish and multiplication. This is the Father (Sun) and the son (matter) together. The Crows is from the return of the Crows in September Oct. time period.
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Engraving 14 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata,

This is the finish of the Androgynous material in end of August. This is as the Earth in the Creation, third Day. From crow, (black) to angel (white). Third Day of Genesis is about letting the "waters" come together. That is why and where from androgynous material. This is what Adam was created from. Note, it is not perfected matter!

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