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"This site is organised by Adam McLean, the well known authority on alchemical texts and symbolism, author and publisher of over 50 books on alchemical and Hermetic ideas."

Information to post about what is shown.

1. Those series I copy from this site are duplicates of the Abraham the Jew series that I studied for years. The number of pictorial allegories are different, and none will look the same but they have the same meaning.

2. The understanding is about the process, but also about Genesis.

3. Genesis is the process but with Art! That means the days (steps) are done as man must to complete each using the forces in nature. We are only interested in the First Three Days, and in the process they are repeated (Third Day).

4. Each series has a different number of allegories, this was done so that those without the knowledge would never realize what was being shown. Also, it was done this way to preserve knowledge, and to protect the life of the Alchemists.

5. Many of these series have what I call the overlap. What that means is, as in the Abraham series, the first three pictures of the allegories have a double meaning. In the series with greater numbers of allegories, more pictures are used so no double meaning, but the overlap is there. That means the end steps of the process is mixed with the start.

6. I do not copy from each series. Alchemy over time has become many things. My understanding is that "Originally" it was about the Creation and Matter Perfected by that process and Art. From that found process our present day religions have evolved. Always it was about matter and nature.

From the lamspring Series!
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Above see the Deer and Unicorn. In places of G. Masseys work the Unicorn is used tied to the Ancient Religion. The horn of the animals is what is important. The Unicorn horn is like the Obelisk, and so to the ancients it was used as a way to indicate the sun in a hidden fashion. Many because of the color of the Unicorn felt it was linked to the moon. The Deer horns, as you will note is really many points and is used by Alchemists to indicate the moon, female. Flamel, the alchemists I work with used his wife as an example, saying, " In this part I used Paranella, with her hair all "descheveled." Consider the deer horn, and Paranella's hair. In another pictorial allegory, the Trident is used! Can you see how they all are the same (many points) alligorically, and are used to indicate the female aspect, moon in the process !
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I want to show these two together because it is easier to explain that way. In #8 you see two white large birds. This is the "Two Sisters in the mythology or Gnostic Gospels. Also spoken of quite frequently in G. Masseys books. I explained the Two Sisters originally are Virgo the Constellation, and the Moon. This is the original Virgin Birth, why the Constellation is called by that Name. This is in September, and we have Seven months of work to go to April. Now look at #9 Note there are Seven Steps to reach the king. Note the color of the Robe and that Jesus is usually in a Robe of this color. Note the base of this design. This indicates the oven base and is a way of showing the alchemists knew of the oven. I will show this in many places. Note on the Earth globe the King holds is the Four Arm equal Arm Cross. This is tied to the movement of the sun, the base of the oven, and is the origin of the River with Four Heads. The process is 16 months long. The Two Sisters are of the ninth month, and so here the King is the Start of October, astrologically in the end of September. This is known alchemically as "The Conjunction. I will show this also in other allegories. Note the Four Arm Red Cross was worn by the Templars. The White Birds are tied to the Dove in the Religion. The Dove has to do with moisture and Spirit descending from above. Moisture is mentioned because "always" in the past it was known (secretive) that to capture the Good in the Light of the Creation, it could only be done by moisture and air. The moon is understood as being cool, moist, soul, etc. In #8 in the process, moisture is removed and this part of the work is done in "Moonlight Only." That is why a Virgin Birth. This is in the process where mercury (modern name) in alchemy is produced, and Osiris in the religion is reborn, a new babe! G. Massey always connects the "Seven" with the seven stars of the Great Bear. I will with enough allegory show the seven is connected to the process unknown by Massey.
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This is the second allegory in the series. I am showing because I wanted you to compare the base. Again, this shows the oven is known by the alchemists. They couldn't just draw the oven in each series or it would become known. Note seven chambers in the oven top. The oven has seven chambers when it also has the top base within holding the matter above (in Heaven). In the series, many of them are not in order probably for many reasons. This showing seven is tied to the last seven months of process. also note the lavender color, and the staff (like Obelisk) he holds. All tied to the sun which is again, used at the last part of the process. Any single pointed object indicates sun, and is shown alchemically by dagger, sword, spear, etc.
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Note the Two Fishes. In alchemy this is one way of showing the "Two Fishes in our Great Sea". This is of course the Sun and Moon. Consider Genesis and the Light Created in The First Day. They were as indicated, sun and moon. In the religion Jesus is tied to the fishes, but that is not what is indicated here. This is about Genesis and the process. In the tablets of Abraham, Mercury is shown holding a staff with Two Serpents. The two are the sun and moon. The staff I always felt meant 'Light' and so there are two of them.
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The dogs are used to indicate rotting flesh or meat or matter as it is in alchemy. Basically our first step is to return the matter to a base. That can only be done in this process by nature.Only nature controlled can work this process and that "must be understood." Nature can only augment a base that Nature has made. Also consider the "Dog Star tied to Sirius' in the Mythology. A dog could turn rotten meat into food for itself, something Good! And so the dog and dog star were used to indicate this point as a way of expression.
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This is shown at the front of the series, but is about the end. See the Red Color? See the Sword and shield that looks like and egg design. The red color is at the end when it is a "Work of the Sun." So this shows the Overlap of the process. Ill show this in other pictorial allegories. The small dragon ?/ is the matter. In many at this point a salamander is used. The color of the salamander is of an orange color when it is used, similar to what the dragon here is shown dressed in. As I tell my students, "Learn the Process." Then you must know what happens at each step and how the holiday (if one tied to it) was celebrated by the ancients. This is actually tied to the end of December and Osiris going to heaven to be with Horus. The sword above shows that now it is "just" a work of the sun(the Good and Horus) to the ancients.
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This is the Salamander. Note that the man is poking it with a Trident. The Trident means "Moon." The Salamander is the matter for the Red Stone (sun)?? So, how to explain this. In the last seven months of process, the first three are a work of both lights as there are two stone to be made. What Lambspring is showing here is that during that three months indicated by the "TRI"dent, he knows that. there is more than one thing going on at this time! I will show this in other allegories.
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This allegory is about nature, The Ourobus, sometimes called the Green Lion, and is about Matter being recycled or augmented by the recycling process. This is the Serpent biting its tail. It is found on the Tomb of Osiris, and all through alchemy. It simply is about recycling matter. Consider compost outside, but that is just one step. We have 8 of them in the process.
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The bird in the nest. The time is indicated by the snail, this is a 16 month process, 12 for the white. The bird in the nest that can't get away is here the white stone. Above in the oven is always as "Being in Heaven." That step is only at the end of the process for both stones. Here white indicates moon and so the White Stone at finish.
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This is the matter and the alchemists. It is at the "Top" of a High Mountain. The mountain is of course the oven. Here by the color, and the sun in the background, it is now a work of the sun for the Red Stone. Note also the color of the matter as the Salamander. In alchemy the Mountain or Little Mountains are mentioned quite often. Allways it is about the oven and the small mountains within. Look at the design, it is included on this site. Also, when reading Massey, consider the Tree of Knowledge. It is tied to a Mountain. Abraham shows the Mountain with Dragons and Griffons on the front. The tree of Knowledge is guarded that way. This shows the link of the two!
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This shows the matter as the color of the Salamander being swallowed by the King (Sun). This is uniting by process the matter to the sun (Horus) for perfection. This swallowing is also mentioned by Massey. Look to the drawing of the Serpent on the cover of my book, it shows the colors as they come and go. I know as I have seen them exactly as I drew them! Note above the lavender. That is the color to attain.
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This is the matter as Salamander (orange) the Alchemists who has united them, and the King in his Purple Robe. Note the red behind. The last three colors. Though the lavender is a little dark. This is the last allegory i will do with this series. Those to come i will connect and you will see and understand as we move forward.

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