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It all started while assigned to the USS Carbonero (SS337) where a lot of the crew got to do some extra work in the movie; In Harms Way. Believe it or not we were cast as Army guys. It was fun and got my whistle wet for more.
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While I was working at ComSubPac on the Subase at Pearl they started shooting the Move; Tora Tora Tora. It turns out that since they needed Air Craft Carriers to do the movie the Navy provided them as long as the movie company would try to use US Military as extras. Thus started several days for me of working on this movie and appeard in several scene from Schofield Barracks to Fort Shaffner to Hicmak AFB to Pearl Harbor and even out in the Pineapple fields. It was a blast AND good money too.
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While assigned to the USS Grapple (ARS7) we did some "at sea" work for Hawaii Five-O. I was not really in the scene but it get the juces flowing. There were things to come.
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After leaving military service I attended the Columbia School of Broadcasting and got my first job as a DeeJay in 1979 working for KISA. It was a Philipino radio station that did Top 40 music in the evening. It was a good start and where I met my wife , Fe.

Steamer Stan Cook Air Checks

Steamer Stan Cook, mid days,
KWAI 1080, 1985

Steamer Stan Cook, Miller Racing with DeeJays 1985

Steamer Stan Cook, KWAI Summer 1985 Masquerade Disco

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After KISA had some programing changes I was lucky to land a job as the Production Director for KIKI. At the time KIKI was the number 1 or 2 radio station in Honolulu. Being production director also gave me On Air time but mostly on the week ends. To the right is Dick Barr, news director and Kamasami Kong, program director. Kong now works in Japan with an english entertainment magazine and does a weekly podcast.
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After leaving KIKI I went to work at talk radio K108. I found a real love for talk radio and did well at it. I was with K108 until it went out of business and later become KWAI Hit Radio where I was the Program Director. While with KWAI I was lucky to be able to be the MC for both the Miss Teen USA contest and later Miss Hawaii USA contest. Kelly Ann Hu, below, won the Miss Teen USA contest and later went on to live and work in Hollywood.
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Miss Teen USA Prep


Kelly Ann Hu returns


Kelly Ann Hu - A Star


Miss Hawaii USA show as MC

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Unfortunately KWAI was owned and operated by a family of scammers. Jim, Judy and Ron Quinn of LA. They ripped us all off and left us holding the bag with thousands of dollars in bills and back wages owed. Thus ended my radio career.
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After Radio I went back and did a little more TV. I worked on T J Hooker for one show and got to me hit by Heath Locklear. Oh Boy!
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Since Radio was over and this guy was getting a little order and smarter I decided to do just a little more before turning to law enforcment. I worked on six episodes of Magnum PI. Below are some poor shot of a hotel scene with Tom Selleck and a scene shot in the Oahu Jungle for a show were Magnum was dreaming about hidden gold. This one was really fun.
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The Treasure of Kalaniopu'u, Season 6, Episode 9, 1985
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Hotel Dick, Season 6, Episode 5, 1985
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And through all of this crazyness wonderful Fe was always there for me. We had fun too.

Steamer Stan Cook, Cafe On The Mall Commercial

Steamer Stan Cook, Kaimanu Beach Hotel New Years

Steamer Stan Cook,
Jordache Commercial

Steamer Stan Cook, Kaimanu Beach Hotel New Years 2

Steamer Stan Cook, Kaimanu Beach Hotel Hau Tree Lanai

Steamer Stan Cook, Kaimanu Beach Hotel Christmas Buffet

Steamer Stan Cook,
A&B Welder commercial

Steamer Stan Cook,
The last days of KLEI, Kailua

Steamer Stan Cook
First talk radio show on K108

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