My Police Career

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I joined the Honolulu Police Department in 1989 and was assigned to the 103rd recruit class. We started training in Feb and graduated in July
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I was assigned to District One in Honolulu for my first on the road training with a Field Training Officer and later walked my first beat on my own in Waikiki. Walking a beat in Waikiki, which was called “fourth watch”, was considered to be nearing the end of your training and your first year with HPD. After fourth watch I was assigned, temperately to the “Downtown Task Force” where I continued to walk a beat in the not so nice area of Honolulu. From there I was assigned to the Pearl City district where I worked most of the time on the Waianae Coast. While working there I had two goals. I wanted to work in District Seven which is east Honolulu AND started working on a way to get into the Traffic Division so I could get assigned to the Motorcycle detail. In early 1993 I was qualified at a Field Training Officer (FTO) AND was assigned to District Seven. (goal one accomplished). During this time and for sever months before that I began a monthly visit to the Traffic Division and a talk with the Lt. Al Lewis.
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In late 1993 HPD purchased some stealth black Camaros’ and I was assigned to the Traffic Division to drive one of these new cars for traffic enforcement. Later I was picked to train to ride a HPD Motorcycle called Solo Bikes. (goal two).
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Upon completion of the Solo Bike training I severed proudly with this elite group of brother officers.
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On August 31, 1994 while conducting a routine traffic stop I was confronted with a male holding a loaded AK47. He decided to kill the cop and a gun fight ensued. He fired 20 rounds and I was hit 8 times. I fired 18 rounds and hit him 15 times. I survived and he did not. For more information CLICK HERE
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I was out of commission for four and a half month but did come back and finish my five year tour with solo bike. I was later awarded the Silver Medal of Valor.
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From Solo Bike I was assigned to the Informational Resources Section (Community Relations). While there I did several TV public service spots, gave many talks to school and other community service organizations. I also worked on setting up the HPD website now at
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In mid 1999 I retired from the Honolulu Police Department at the age of 59.
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