My Military Career

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My first venture into military service was with the 234th Army National Guard band out of Portland, Oregon. This was while I was still in Beaverton Union High School. During my senior year I found that most of my friends had joined the Navy Reserve out of Swan Island, Portland, Oregon. It was the 13-7 Naval District and Submarines!Somehow I managed to get an honorable discharge from the Oregon National Guard and joined the Submarine Naval Reserve.
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With this change came a requirement of two years active duty. That was nothing in those days and I and my friends were excited to get on with this great adventure.
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During my time in the Navy I went to Submarine School in New London, CT and then to the USS Wahoo (SS565) in Pearl Harbor where I qualified to wear the Silver Dolphins in December 1959
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1964 saw me transfer to the USS Bonefish (SS581) where I made QM2(SS) and then to the USS Carbonero (SS337) in 1965 where I made QM1(SS)
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In 1966 I was ordered to SINS navigation school and then the USS Tecumseh (SSBN629) Gold Crew.
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While there I made four deterrent patrols and made Chief QM in 1967 and was later transferred to ComSubPac Staff in 1968 where I was promoted to WO1 in 1969 and transferred to the USS Grapple (ARS7) as First Lt and Gunner/Salvage Officer, thus leaving the Submarine Service for good.
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While on the Grapple we did 14 months in Vietnam as well as many other salvage operations. While there I was promoted to CWO-2. In 1973 I was transferred to the United States Courier Service out of Hickam Air Force.
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After a little over a year I was forced to go to the USS Tawakoni (ATF114). I was to have been with ARFCOS until retirement. I left the US Navy in December of 1975 with 17.5 years of active duty.
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I later (1991) joined the Hawaii Army National Guard where I finished my military service with 22 years and am now a retired CWO-2 with full retirement privileges.
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