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I was born in Ashland, Oregon on May 10 1940. My mother Frances was a stay at home and my dad Morgan worked for a shoe store.
In December 1941 my dad joined the US Navy and we moved to New York City as he was assigned to the USS Vixen and served as Chief Radioman.
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After the war we moved to Beaverton, Oregon where I went to Merril Davies grade school and later Beaverton High School graduating in June of 1958.
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In March of 1959 I went on active duty with the US Navy Submarine service and served in USS Wahoo (SS565), USS Bonefish (SS582), USS Carbonero (SS337) and the USS Tecsumseh (SSBN628). While at ComSubPac Intelligence in 1969 I was promoted to Warrant Officer and transfered to the USS Grapple (ARS7) as Lt. where I spent 14 months in Vietnam. Later I served as an Armed Forces Courier and later as First Lt. on the USS Tawakoni (ATF114) before leaving the US Navy.
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From 1975 to 1979 I was owner of DelComsHawaii and electronics store in Aiea,
Hawaii where we sold and repaired CBs and Ham radio equipment.

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In 1979 I starred to work for KISA radio as a DeeJay. Late I worked for KIKI radio and DeeJay and production director. I did talk radio for K108 and was later Program Director for KWAI radio. While there I was MC for the Miss Teen Hawaii USA pageant and later MC for the Miss Hawaii USA pageant.
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After the break up of KWAI radio I worked for the Food Pantry and did part time work in TV on Magnum PI and TJ Hooker. During my Naval career I worked in In Harms Way, Hawaii Five-O and Tora, Tora, Tora.
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In March of 1989 I joined the Honolulu Police Department and retired in 1999. While there I also served as a Squad Sgt in the MP Platoon of the US Army National Guard giving me a total of 22 years military retirement.
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After 43 years in Hawaii we moved to Washington State in 2001 where we now enjoy "mainland" life and do a lot of RV traveling and seeing the country. Eventually we will move back to Hawaii for full retirement and to complete my life.
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My boyhood home in Beaverton, OR

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