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Sorry to say we are closing down the WWA. We’ve had a good run and many fine times and memories. I’ve donated most of the Ships Store items to the Bremerton Base USSVI. That Group are very active with the SUBASE activities and can sell a lot of the items at their weekly Base sales. Because the Deterrent Park has the 624 Sail & Rudder and the USSVI manages the Brick Sales and installation. They are donating Hats, Mugs and Shirts as prizes for many of USSVI sponsored Base events.
Stan Cook and I are working to get the WWA Web Page straightened out. We plan on keeping it running so long as Stan stays in the Web Page business.
Our “swan song” will be when we close out our finances. That money will be donated to a Military Charity. In accordance with WWA By-Laws and at the decision of the WWA Board of Directors.
RSPY, Mel Cross