This is a reenactment that runs seven minutes. It was filmed at the actual location using Officer Cook himself.
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Produced and Directed by David Kawika Talisman
Officer Stan Cook as himself
Officer Chaz Tang as Sinapati 
Officer Alika Desha and Sgt. Robert Imoto on cameras. Part of the production team of the Ke Kula Maka’i HPD Academy.
Archie Ahuna (explosives)
Colin Fong (Stunts)
Honolulu EMS Norman and Donna as themselves
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Left to Right – Officer Stan Cook– Archie Ahuna (explosives expert – he did all the charges to make it look like a real shooting… Colin Fong (Stuntman) and Kawika Talisman during the shooting reeactment of Officer Cook's incident.
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Kawika Talisman and Officer Chaz Tang during a time out during shooting.
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This is an interview conducted by Sgt Robert Imoto of the Honolulu Police Department Training Center.
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TV News Stories

This is a video of various TV News stories shown that night and the next day.