Pictures taken by By Standers and Honolulu PD CID

This is a clip from the re-enactment we did a year later

My call for help.

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This picture was taken by passer by within seconds after the shooting stopped. I’m reaching for the mic.
Notice the AK-47 still just under his hands.
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This picture was taken by a passer by right after I made my
call for help. Mic is still in my had. Local resident has come to help.
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A few seconds later notice the AK-47 is now away from his hands. The reason is that a former University of Hawaii football player ran over an kicked it there.
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City and County of Honolulu Ambulance and EMTs taking me to Queens hospital.
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Heading for the ambulance
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A concerned beat partner.
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The AK-47 firing a .223 round.
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Another picture taken moments after the shooting stopped.
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CID marking my gun and where I was lying
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CID making the AK-47 and rounds.
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Two holes are mine and two hole are his.
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CID marking where the AK-47 had been kicked to.
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Another prospective
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My uniform that had been bloody and cut off
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My building security key caught some shrapnel.
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A drawing made by a Honolulu Police Department sketch artist.

Morgue Shots

The morgue shots are password protected to protect his family members.
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