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Suggested Etiquette For Overnight Visits
Overnight visits from traveling Sub – Vet RV’ers permits the excitement of finding new shipmates and the chance for the wives to share and make new friends. Also for the traveling Sub – Vet RV’ers, having a shipmate in a strange town to suggest places to eat, shop and sightsee can make a big difference in the success of a trip in our RV’s.At times Sub – Vet RV’ers hesitate to take advantage of this unique experience because they feel insecure or not familiar with the protocol of this type of visit.
Having a stranger parked in the street in front of your house is different from preparing for a family visits. As a general rule, don’t offer new acquaintances the use of the inside of your home. Offer a heavy-duty grounded extension cord, #10 if you have it, and a place to plug it in where it will not trip all of the breakers in your house if one uses their A/C or other device. Offer an outside faucet within reach of the water hose. If you don’t have a sever dump in your yard and most people don’t, tell the visiting shipmate where the nearest dump station is before they hook up.
Visiting shipmates should assume that names printed in the stop and visit list of the Sub _ Vet RV’ers is an invitation for an overnight visit only. Hosting shipmates may extend that stay. If the initial contact is made by mail, telephone or e-mail, it’s appropriate for the visiting shipmate to state how long they will be staying in town. The hosting shipmate may respond by suggesting local RV parks or state “you may stay in my driveway while you look around and check out RV parks. Again, this means overnight.
The visiting shipmate should exercise tact and consideration. Thoughtless acts may encourage neighbors to call the police and complain.
Don’t hang wet laundry in the front yard.
Don’t step in flowerbeds or pick flowers from them.
Don’t set out your folding lawn chairs in the front yard.
Don’t fire up the barbecue grill without asking.
Never operate your generator in a close residential neighborhood.
Never dump your gray water into the street.
If traveling with a pet, tell the hosting shipmate prior to your arrival. Never take your pet inside your host’s house, even if invited to out of courtesy. Pick up after your pet when you take it for a walking. If your dog is inclined to howl when left alone, take it with you when you do errands.
If the hosting shipmate has entertained you, acted as a tour guide to local sightseeing, or prepared meals for you, it is a thoughtful gesture to take them to eat at a restaurant, or at least to present a toke bread-and-butter gift before you leave. An appropriate token gift would be anything related to one of their interests, a little book of jokes or poetry, bulbs for a gardener, and flowers or chocolates for anybody.
It is customary to offer to pay for the water and electricity your rig used during your stay. The hosting shipmate may refuse your offer or they may quote a few dollars, depending on the circumstances. With courtesy and consideration from both parties, Stop and Visits can be a delightful experience and a basis for long-lasting friendships.