The U.S. Submarine Veterans-RV’ERS is an organization for all submarine veterans, those that ever wore the twin dolphin emblem. The organization had its humble beginnings in Hartford, Connecticut in 1984 during the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII convention. During that time Charles Brown asked the members present if they would like to start an RV club and twenty names were collected. During the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII convention in Portland, Oregon, 1985 another ten names were added and the first meeting of the organization was held with Charlie Brown being elected as the first President and dues wee set at two dollars per year. During the 1986 U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII convention held in Baltimore, Maryland, the second meeting of the group was held. During this meeting the name “U.S. Submarine Veterans-RV’ers” was adopted and the annual dues rose to five dollars per year with a special offer made for plank owners of five years dues for twenty-five dollars. It was during this meeting that the patch and decal were approved. It was later voted to make life membership available for a one-time payment of twenty-five dollars after the first year of membership. During the year of 2000 a vote was taken to ask members of the U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc. if they would like to become involved with the group in the leadership rolls. In 2001 there was a meeting with James “Whitie” Johns, the then current President of the organization, and some members of the U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc. that were interested in helping to keep the organization alive and help it grow. This meeting was held in Peoria, Illinois during the 2001 convention of the USSVI. Lon Schmidt was elected President, Jim Foote Vice President and Dave Harnish Secretary/Treasurer.The purpose of this organization is to provide members with information on RV parking at U.S. Submarine Veterans Functions and to insure that the chairman of each U.S. Submarine Veterans function is aware of the needs of the RV’ers attending that function. The organization will provide opportunities for its members to enjoy good fellowship and pleasant use of their RV’s. The organization will disseminate information to the members that other members have RV parking areas at their homes and offered the use of this space for other club members to use as they travel through their living area.
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