Annual Minutes

Minutes and Sailing list for the SubVet RV’ers Meeting August 17, 2016

The Meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by President Bob Sharpe.

We stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

The members stood and introduced themselves.

There were no minutes from the last meeting because there was no meeting because of a lack of a quorum.

The Treasure’s Report was read by Jim Van Vranken. The report was accepted by the membership.

The report of the Web Master was read by President Bob Sharpe and accepted by the membership

Old Business

The By-laws Amendment changes were gone over one item at a time and all of the changes were approved by the membership. It was stated that the Wagon Masters procedures should be rewritten in order to give more clarity to the job of Wagon Master.

The poll taken concerning the club was read and the results were given. Only 45 members replied and no snail mail replies were received. The Poll was discussed at great length some people for and some against.

New Business

Changing the club format from attendance to internet was discussed. Also the stopover was discussed. Charging members for the snail mail delivery was also discussed. These items were items in the Poll that the members overwhelmingly voted for a change.

Pete Rathmell asked for a letter to be sent out to basically update the members list of both the internet and the snail mail members. No time limit was given for the response but the member could either send an e mail, call in an answer or snail mail an answer. If no response was received then the member will be dropped.

A vote was taken about the place of the next meeting. The results were temporary because that started a lot of discussion about the location of the next USSVI Convention and when it was to be held. After the discussion it was decided to wait until January 1, 2017 to to make a decision.

Nominations for new Officers were held:

There were no nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary or Wagon Master.

Jim Van Vranken said that he would stay on as Treasurer.

A motion was made to pay the Lasator’s up to the amount of $100.00 to cover their costs for being the unofficial hosts for the SubVet RV’ers in the RV Park. The treasure and Judi Lasator agreed on a $20.00 fee for the ice purchased.

We had run over our allotted time for the use of the meeting room so the meeting was adjourned at 3:25 pm

Sailing List

Dwayne & Dottie Reed, Jim & Barbara Van Vranken, Dean Rogers, Galin Brady & Carol Henry, Bob & Sue Sharpe, Gene & Judi Lasator, Pete & Sharleen Rathmell, Nick & Nancy Campanace, Al Sabatini & Dian Sagg, Herb Wise, Mike & Linda Mintey, Ron & Joan Bell, Bob Bartley, Warren Wiederhoefl, Judy & Bob McKinnon, Karl & Barbara Kramphole, Kirk & Jan Smith, John & Joan Peters, Gary Dow, Herb Herman, Columba O’Gorman for a total of 35 people

All incorrect spelling and punctuations are my doing and not those of Mike Rehmus

Respectfully submitted by

Jim Van Vranken