Who are we?

This web site was developed, designed and is operated for the restricted use of all Hawaii Law Enforcement people worldwide.
Both active and retired, sworn and civilian employees . So that all of our Brothers and Sisters can stay in touch wherever they my roam or work.
We hope you will join us.

NOTE: If you received a message about the latest Bluelight, you are already a member.

It cost money to keep this websites going. Just this site costs $100 a year. Please KOKUA. Your donation also helps out:l HPD Photo Album & HPD Retired Memorial

We now have over 350 members. Active, Retired and Civilian employees.

The Latest HPD Videos

Police week 2020 - A wonderful tribute to our HPD fallen.

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Official Video: Honolulu Police Department - Lip Sync Challenge.

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Police Officer Safety Blog

Please feel free to visit the site to read and make comments or submit your safety tip to [email protected]

Buy a proper retiremet badge


Who Can Order?

Now you can have your own customized Honolulu Police retirement badge.
This badge is for retired Honolulu Police Department officers only.


You are required to submit a copy of your retired ID card or retired certificate. Submitting an image of your ID card is also okay.
Credentials may be e-mailed to [email protected], texted 617-471-0000, or uploaded through the 'Contact Us' on the web site.

Design & Order

The top line is locked in at RETIRED. The second line is locked at HONOLULU. The third line is for your rank or your choice. The fourth line can be your badge number or your choice.
Make all your selections carefully. Select badge color and letters color. The picture to the left does not reflect your choices and is just an example.
Below is the link you need to design and buy your badge.

Note: The Maka’i Connection makes no profit on these sales. You pay regular retail. Just a service to you.

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