Honolulu Police Department Retired Memorial

This websites is for all those Honolulu Police Officer that retired after a full career but have since passed on. Contact Us with information.

HPD Officer Fallen In The Line Of Duty    

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Chief Douglas Gibb (72)
 passed away on Sunday, July 1, 2012. Douglas Gibb was appointed Chief of Police on June 20, 1983. He served until 1989. Chief Gibb was the third youngest chief in the history of the department. During his administration, the department turned to a global perspective as national and international types of crime became commonplace.  Chief Gibb also succeeded in getting some police functions decentralized, opening new substations in Kahuku, Waikiki, and downtown Honolulu.
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Chief Francis Keala
passed away on Jan 7, 2017
Francis Keala was promoted from captain of the finance division to chief of police in 1969 to 1983. He was faced with an increasing disrespect for law and order; an expanding drug abuse problem in the public and in his department. The "Operation Hukilau" and the green harvest operations were a credit to his success in infiltrating covert operations.
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Joseph Gordon Hau'oli Dowson Sr.
passed away on May 16, 2013 after a brief illness. Joe was a retired Honolulu Police Department Sergeant. He was special investigator who specialized in homicide cases under Chief’s Dan Liu and Francis Keala. 
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Chief Dan Liu (78)
Dan Liu passes away July 18, 1986. He began his career in the Honolulu Police Department as a clerk and worked his way up to the rank of Captain before being appointed to the Chief Of Police position October 1, 1948.   Liu initiated strong enforcement programs against vice criminals and lobbied for better working conditions for officers. He established crime prevention programs such as the Police Activities League. Liu retired in 1969, after serving 20 years as chief.
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Chief Michael S. Nakamura (58)
Michael Nakamura was sworn in as Chief Of Police August 1, 1990. Chief Nakamura's efforts to bring the department closer to the community we serve led to the decentralization and expansion of the role of police officers. By promoting the philosophy of community policing and programs such as the Citizens Police Academy, he sought to bridge the traditional gap between law enforcement and the public. 
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Sergeant. Wray B K Taylor
Passed away 8/16/1990
1974 Servi Bike Sergeant
After 20 years he was appointed Sgt. ,by Chief Dan Liu
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Richard Fuji (73) 
passed away on June 5, 2013. Richard was a retired Honolulu Police Department Major. One of his many assignments while with the department was the District 4 Kaneohe Major. 
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Michael Rapisura
Age 56, passed away 4/1/2010
Former Solo Bike Officer
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Harold Quinata
Age 49, of Kaaawa, Hawaii and retired from HPD on May, 31, 2010, passed away on May 27, 2013 in Kailua, HI.  Born Sept 9, 1963 in Guam. Too short of a retirement!
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Harold Falk Jr. 78
Retired Honolulu Police Deputy Chief Harold J. Falk Jr.passed away Feb 7, 2003. Falk retired from the department in August 1983.
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Michael Harworth (84)
passed away on July 23, 2012, Mike was a retired Honolulu Police Department Sergeant. He was a long time member of the Solo Bike Detail. 
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Charles Leo Langer (68) 
passed away on September 26, 2012 at home. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department Detective.
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Ronald T. M. Ing (82)
 passed away on March 5, 2013 at home. A retired Honolulu Police Department Assistant Chief. His last assignment was Chief of the Administrative Bureau. 
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Robert Akana (62)
 passed away on April 11, 2013. He was a retired Honolulu Police Officer. Assigned to
District 3 Pearl City for most of his career. 
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Kevin Allen Crouch (61)
passed away on April 2, 2013 at Straub Hospital. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant. His last assignment before retiring was District 1 Patrol.
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James Imailani Ka’anapu (86) 
passed away on April 1, 2013 at home. Retired Sergeant. His assignments in the department included the CID and patrol, District 4. 
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Clarence M.C. Liu (96) 
passed away on March 8, 2013. He was a retired Assistant
Police Chief. His last assignment prior to his retirement in 1966 was with the Administrative Bureau. 
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Deputy Chief Warren Ferreira (73)
 passed away on April 6, 2013 at the Hospice of Hilo.
He devoted 30 years of his professional and personal life to HPD, retiring in 1989.
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Frank Sardinha (79) 
passed away on March 5, 2013. He was a retired Honolulu Police protection program. His other assignments were in the Patrol Division’s, District 1 and 4. 
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Brian D. Sugimoto (61) 
a retired Honolulu Police Department Reserve Officer, formerly assigned to the Community Affairs Division passed away at home on November 25, 2012 
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Clement Kaonohi (76)
 passed on March 19, 2013 at home. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department
Lieutenant, with various assignments, that included Traffic and the Criminal Investigation Division. 
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Paul Kaipo Punahele Akana (73) 
passed away on March 23, 2013. He was a retired Honolulu Police Officer. His
last assignment with the department was at Pearl City, District 3. 
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Mark Kajiwara, (61) 
of Honolulu, a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant, passed away on May 7, 2012. Mark was last assigned to District 8 Kapolei/Waianae and was an FTO in District 1 earlier in his career with the department. 
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Sherman Chan, (54) 
of Honolulu, a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant and a Marine Corp veteran passed away on June 9, 2012 in Kailua. Sherman served in District 5 and CID. 
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Rev. Joesph Lawrence K. Kamai (81) 
of Kapolei a retired Honolulu Police Officer passed away on May 13, 2012. He served in District 3 and Community Relations. 
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Robert Mendiola (88) 
of Kurtistown, Hawaii a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant passed away on May 11, 2012 at Hilo Medical Center. Lt. Mendiola was assigned to District 3, Pearl City
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Earl Yukio Tanioka (70) 
a retired Honolulu Police Department officer passed away on December 22, 2012. He was assigned to District 3, Patrol Division on his retirement in 1993. 
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William Charles Shodahl (81) 
of Honolulu, a retired Honolulu Police Department Officer, passed away in Honolulu on December 11, 2012 
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George Kalauao “Keoki” Santos (86) 
a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant assigned to District 4, Kaneohe/Kailua passed away on May 1, 2012 at Queen’s Medical Center 
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William R. Ramiscal (70) 
of Aiea, a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant, passed away in Honolulu. He served in CID for many years and District 1 as a Lieutenant. 
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Fred T. Young (86) 
of Honolulu a retired Honolulu Police Department Inspector and Assistant Vice President of Security for American Savings Bank passed away on May 29, 2012
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Marvin Makiya (65) 
passed away on January 16, 2013. A Sergeant who was assigned to CRU District 4, Patrol Division
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Raymond M. Kawano (86) 
passed away on January 21, 2013. Honolulu Police Department Sergeant. Assigned to JCPD, he was a driving force in the development of the Police Activities League (PAL).
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Joesph Caravalho (83) 
passed away on March 12, 2012 a retired Honolulu Police Department Officer. He was a motorpatrol officer in District 4, Kaneohe/Kailua. 
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Maude Kaipoleimanu Logan Kamalani, (86) 
of Waimea, Hi, passed away on August 28, 2012 in Hilo. Maude was a retired Honolulu Police Department Clerk.
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Kevin Y. Katamoto (53) 
passed away on January 19, 2013. Kevin retired as a Lieutenant with the Honolulu Police Department in 2009. He worked in D-7, D-4, D-5 & in community policing. 
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John Canon (85) 
of Ewa Beach, a retired Sergeant passed away on January 1, 2013. He was the Range Sergeant for many years and was also assigned to the Patrol Division, District 3 Pearl City. 
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Walter S. T. Lee (94) 
passed away on September 20, 2012. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department Sergeant who was assigned to District 2, Wahiawa when he retired.
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Clarence William Keaweheulu Kelley (81) 
of Kaneohe, a retired Honolulu Police Solo Bike Officer, passed away on January 16, 2013. Also assigned to District 4 Patrol Division .
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Hatsumi Nunogawa (84) 
of Honolulu passed away. She was a retired Honolulu Police Department Dispatcher. She was born in Honokaa. 
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George Kalani Meheula (71)
of Henderson, Nevada, passed away on September 2, 2012. George was a retired Honolulu Police Officer, who was last assigned to the Parks Detail, of the Specialized Service Division.
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Spencer W. Springer 
passed away on October 10, 2012 after a long illness. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant. His last assignment prior to retiring in 1996 was with JCPD.
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Margaret H. Sakai (77)
of Las Vegas passed away on July 3, 2012 in Las Vegas. Marge retired form the Honolulu Police Department as a Police Dispatcher. 
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Major Leighton Yasuhara, 
retired in l984 from the police department. He served as a Lieutenant in CIU and as a Captain and Major in the Patrol Division.
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Bernard “Zero” Shigaki (67)
passed away on June 29, 2012 in Honolulu. Bernard retired from the Honolulu Police Department as a Detective, assigned to the Narco-Vice Division. 
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Kenneth Kaniho Sr. (83) 
of Waimea, Hawaii passed away on May 17, 2013. He was a retired Honolulu Police Department officer
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Kay Arata (76) 
passed away on May 27, 2013, as retired Honolulu Police Department Secretary with the Internal Affairs Division.
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Earl Jack Dye (72)
 passed away May 18, 2013 . Retired Sergeant with the Department and a rancher in retirement. He was a long time District 3 Sergeant,. 
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Larry A. Eggersgluss, (63),
 of Honolulu, passed away on August 30, 2011 a retired Honolulu police officer and detective, and a Navy veteran, died in Bloomington, Minn. He was born in
Cokato, Minn.
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Rodney Kwook Cheong Chang (68) 
of Wahiawa, passed away on February 29, 2012. Rodney was retired from the Honolulu Police Department and was the previous owner of Club LC. 
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William Carl Bruhn (84) 
of Pleasant Hills California, passed away on March 8, 2012. Born in Honolulu, William was a retired Detective from the Honolulu Police Department. 
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Joe Ledbetter (68)
of Pearl City passed away on April 23, 2012, a retired Honolulu Police Department Lieutenant. Joe served in District 3, Pearl City for many years as a Sergeant and in District 4 as a Lieutenant. 
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Kenneth Matsuyoshi (90) 
of Kaneohe passed away on March 15, 2012. Kenneth was a retired Honolulu Police Department Clerk
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Gerald (Gerry) Chin Lee (78)  passed away on March 19, 2012, a retired Detective and Air Force Veteran. Gerry served as a long time Detective with the Homicide Detail of the Criminal Investigation Division.
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Major Jerry Postmus
passed away on September 8, 2008.  He was a former Solo Bike Officer and spent time in Narco-Vice.   After retiring he worked in the movie industry as a security consultant for Jake & the Fat Man.
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Hiram K. Rosa
 passed away on February 6, 2006. born on August 11, 1939.  He retired August 15, 1994.
This picture was taken by Dan Akroyed's wife.
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LHoaliku Drake(88)
Passed in 2009.  HPD Matron.
From there she went to JCPD as a Police Officer.  She got a degree in Assoc Police Sci and later retired from HPD. In 1990 she was appointed to Directore of the Department of Human Services.
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of Honolulu, died March 13, 2004. Retired Honolulu Police Department sergeant.
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Kam Fong Chun
Best known for his recurring role as Chin Ho Kelly on the old Hawaii Five-O he joined the HPD in early 1942 a couple of months after the Dec 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.  
Stacks Image 1233
Com Lt. Kingston Chun
passed away July 1, 2013.
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Chang Apana
A HPD detective who never carried a gun.  He did have a knife and a whip.  It is widely held that Chang Apana was the model for the movie character Charlie Chan.  He is buried in a grave yard in Manoa Valley.
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died Sept. 27, 2001. Retired from Honolulu Police Department, and Hawaii Air National
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 of 'Aiea, died April 27, 2005. Born in Honolulu. A sergeant retired from the Honolulu Police Department. Survived by wife,
Myong; sisters, Jane Kaneshiro and Jean Goda; nieces and nephews.
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Chester Hirano,
Passed away July 11, 2013
"From his graduation to his retirement, he was always bigger than life."
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Wayne Paraan (61), retired 2-28-09
passed away.  Formally of D7 and of the  91st. Retired in 2009
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Ronald T. Hangai (75),
retired Honolulu Police Department officer, automotive mechanic and a Marine Corps veteran, died in Ewa June 25, 2013.
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 of Kane'ohe, died Dec. 10, 2008. Born in Honolulu. U.S.
Air Force veteran and retired Honolulu Police Department police officer.
 He was a long time patrol officer in D-2 and he spent a lot of time with PAL or JPO
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Elroy Paikai
Passed away 9/8/2013
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Rosindo "Rosi" Tejada
Retired 12/29/78 Captain to the Finance Division.  Father of Detective William "TJ" Tajada and retired Lionel Tejada.  Grandfather of Officer Niki Tejada.
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Billy D'Argis
Retired 12/21/96.  Passed away 9/8/2013 retired as a Auto Theft Detective, CID
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Sergeant Amado Saldania    
Retired 1-8-91 formally assigned to D-7 
Stacks Image 1461
Elliott Clark Mattos 78

Passed away Oct 10, 2013
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Officer Joseph K. Kamakahi Jr,
Retired 3-31-93

Stacks Image 1514
Walter Nakaganeku
Retired 8-31-1984
Passed away 12-2-2013
Retired as Honolulu PD Major
Stacks Image 1518
John Raymond
Passed away December 2013
EX Solo, D5 Sgt and others. 
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Stacks Image 1647

Reserve Officer Franklin W. L. Ho
Retired 1-05-00
Passed away December 2013

Formerly assigned to District 1, temporarily assigned to Criminal Investigation Division

Stacks Image 1651
 of Kane'ohe, passed away March 31, 2003.
 A retired HPD detective with 29 years of service.
John was in the Alpha Detail  in Sector 12 in the 80's.  
His brother Henry is also HPD retired.
Stacks Image 1655
of Honolulu, passed away Dec. 21, 2008.
Retired Honolulu Police Department sergeant
"Big Mac" was a legend as Sgt at Alpha Detail in the 80's
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Lindsay C Mattox
Retired 10-31-02  
Retired Sergeant Lindsay C. Mattox, formerly assigned to Training Division, and father of Officer Sean Mattox, assigned to District 2
He worked in Vice, D5, Training (EVOC).
Passed away on December 15, 2013

Stacks Image 1708
Mark S. Angut
retired 12-30-2003, passed away on 2-5-2014
Formerly assigned to District 3
Stacks Image 1712
Lt Philip E Howell
retired 12-30-75

Formerly assigned to District 4
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Stacks Image 1761
John Patrick Oliveira, 85
Passed away on 1-14-2014
Former HPD Sergeant and retired US Army
Stacks Image 1765

Frank Robert Perreira (67)

 passed away on February 28, 2014

  He was assigned to the Special Service Division.

Stacks Image 1769
Chaz Tang, 60
Passed away on 2-28-2014
The HPD Solo biker's Solo Biker
Stacks Image 1551
Stacks Image 1818
Bill Bennett 
Retired 5-18-98
passed away on 4-2-2014
He was last assigned to District 2
Stacks Image 1822
Irwin W. C. Thom Jr.
retired 5-4-98
Passed away 3-8-2014
Reserve Officer formerly assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 1826
David W. Medina
 retired 5-16-1991
passes away Jan 2014
formerly assigned District 4
Stacks Image 1559
Stacks Image 1989
Benjamin P. Perez
retired 4-30-85
Passes away 4-2-2014
Formerly Detective assigned to CID
Son is retired Sgt Ben Perez Jr.
Stacks Image 1993
Harold L. "Kimo" Kim Han
retired 4-5-79
Former assigned to District 1
father of Lt. Harrison Kim Han
Stacks Image 1997
Lloyd K Richards
retired 4-15-88
Formerly assigned to Airport Detail
Stacks Image 1567
Stacks Image 1932
Doublas T. Uemoto
retired 12-28-84
passed away June 16, 2014
formerly assigned to the Airport Detail
Stacks Image 1936
Lieutenant Harry K. Kawamoto
retired 12-28-79
passed away July 2014
formerly assigned to CID
Stacks Image 1940
Sergeant Manual "Manny" J.S. Barros, Jr.
retired 12/30/1999
passed away July 2014
formerly assigned to the Traffic Division
Stacks Image 1575
Stacks Image 1875
Ms. Joyce S. Nakagawa
retired 12-30-2009
passed away Sept 2014
formerly assigned Records and ID Division
Stacks Image 1879
Officer Lincoln McCallum
retired 8-31-1984
passed away Sept 9, 2014
formerly assigned to District 4
Stacks Image 1883
Corporal Clyde Gouveia
retired 9-18-1998
passed away Sept 9, 2014
formerly assigned District 4
Stacks Image 1583
Stacks Image 2046
Capt. Melvin De Costa
retired 12-29-89
passed away 10-28-2014
formerly assigned to Civi. Defense (Major Events Div)
Stacks Image 2050
Mr. Newton D. Harbottle
retired 2-28-2006
Nov 2014
He was formerly assigned to the Communications Division
Stacks Image 2054
Assistant Chief Charles K Reeves, Jr.
retired 10-31-86
passed away 11-1-2014
formerly assigned to Technical Services Bureau (Support Service Bureau).
Stacks Image 1591
Stacks Image 2103
Lt. Thomas Osuman
retired 12/30/1987
passed away 1/1/2015
Formerly assigned to District 2
Stacks Image 2107
Ms. Amy K. Keawe
retired 6/28/1993
passed away 12/15/2014
Formerly assigned to the Communications Division
Stacks Image 2111
Sgt Gaylord "Toby" Lee
retired  12/30/2002
passed away 1/6/2015
Formerly assigned to District 4
Stacks Image 1599
Stacks Image 2241
Officer Jonathan L. Tanodra
retired 2/28/2010
passed away 12/15/2014
Formerly assigned to Records and ID
Stacks Image 2245
Major Lester Thomas Akeo
Retired 4/30/1983
Passed away 2/20/2015
Formerly assigned to Community Relations Div.
Stacks Image 2249
Sgt. Pedro Sajona
Retired 4/30/2001
Passed away 12/9/2014
Formerly assigned to Narco/Vice
Stacks Image 2136
Stacks Image 2184
Sergeant Solomon K. Kahaawi
Retired 12/30/1991
Passed away 3/25/2015
Formerly assigned to District 2
Stacks Image 2188
Sgt Jett Kaneshiro
Retired 6-30-2012

Passed away 5-21-2015
Formerly assigned to
District 3

Stacks Image 2192
Detective Robert H. Yarnell
Retired 2/16/1981
Passed away 4/9/2015
Formerly assigned to CID
Stacks Image 2128
Stacks Image 2298
Corporal Gary K. Yuen
Retired 12-30-1994
Passed away 4-8-2015

Stacks Image 2302
Lt. Ray R. Struss
Passed away on 6/13/15
Formerly assigned to D2
Stacks Image 2306
Captain Raymond Naylon
retired May 1, 1981.
Passed away on May 7, 2015.
Formerly assigned to the Communications Div.
Stacks Image 2120
Stacks Image 2268
Hilda W.H. Lee
Retired 7-31-1994
Passed away 6-13-2-15
Formerly assigned to Records and ID

Stacks Image 2272
Officer Henry Machado Jr.
Retired 12/30/1978
Passed away 6/21/2015
formerly assigned to Tactical Operations Division (SSD)
Stacks Image 2276
Lt. James Lewis
Retired 6/30/1992
Passed away 6/8/2015
Formerly assigned to D3
Stacks Image 1245
Stacks Image 1306
Officer Roy Quon Wo Fong
Retired 8/17/1994
Passed away 5/23/2015
Formerly assigned to Community Affairs

Stacks Image 1310
Capt Hiram H. Tasaka
retired 5/4/73
Passeed away 7/13/2015
Formerly of Central Receiving
Stacks Image 1314
Major Robert F. Vierra, Sr.
Passed away on June 8, 2000
Stacks Image 1272
Stacks Image 1359
Det Charles J. Hall Sr.
retired 12-30-1992
Passed away 7/3/2015
Formerly assigned to CID

Stacks Image 1415
James Courtney
retired 1995
Passed away 8/15/2015
Formerly assigned to D-2

Stacks Image 1367
Officer George Gibbons
retired 9/30/99
Passed away 7/27/2015
Formerly assigned to D-5
Stacks Image 1328
Stacks Image 1363
Greg Lefcourt
passed away 8/17/2015
Stacks Image 1419
Retired Lieutenant Francis K. Kamakawiwo`ole.
He passed away on 9/30/2015.
Stacks Image 1423
Retired Officer Evelyn Keliihoomalu.
She passed away on 10/2/2015.
Stacks Image 1382
Stacks Image 1469
Richard Lovell
Retired 6/30/1985
Passed away 10/27/2015
Lass assigned D1
Stacks Image 1473
Sgt William Estrella Jr.
Retired 12/30/2012
Passed away 2/3/2016
Formerly assigned to D6
Stacks Image 1477
Sgt Herman K. King, Jr.
Passed away 1/4/2016.

Formerly assigned to D3
Stacks Image 11086
Stacks Image 11116
Sgt Elton Onigama
Retired 6/30/2006
Passed away 3/2/2015
Last assigned D3
Stacks Image 11120
Officer Landis Lum, Jr.
Retired 5/31/1996
Passed away 4/15/2016
Last assigned D3
Stacks Image 11124
Sgt Herbert Young
Retired 6/30/1986
Passed away 2/11/2016
Passed assigned D-2
Stacks Image 11131
Stacks Image 11161
Officer John Rodrigues Jr.
Retired 11/30/1966
Passed away 5/1/2016
Stacks Image 11165
Det Harvey Hee
Retired 6/28/1990
Passed away 4/24/2016
Last assigned to CID
Stacks Image 11180
Sgt Gaylord Nathaniel Ortiz
Retired 5/31/11
Passed away 5/8/2016
Lasted assigned to Community Affairs Div.
Stacks Image 85975
Stacks Image 86005
Sgt Harold Tanaka
Retired 10/31/1987
Passed away 5/26/2016
Formerly assigned to D-5
Stacks Image 86009
Sgt. Harry L. Pestano
Retired 1977
Passed away 8/2/1981
Formerly assigned to D-3
Stacks Image 86013
Sgt Robert Mercado
Retired 02/29/04
Passed away 6/15/16
Formerly assigned to D-4
Stacks Image 86020
Stacks Image 86050
Sgt Leo Porter
Retired 10/31/92
Passed away 7/7/16
Formerly assigned to D1
Stacks Image 86054
Sgt Milton Yamada
Retired 7/31/2006
Passed away7/30/2016
Formerly assigned to Records/ID
Stacks Image 86058
Lt. Lloyd Kupau
Retired 12/30/1986
Passed away 7/4/2016
Formerly assigned to D1
Stacks Image 86061
Stacks Image 86064
Henry Kupahu Jr.
Retied 12-28-06
Passed away 7-21-2016
Formerly assign to Community Affairs
Stacks Image 86068
Lt. James Serrao
Retired 7/19/90
Passed away 8/6/2016
Formerly assign to Community Affairs
Stacks Image 86072
Cushman Pinao
Retired 3/31/1999
Passed away 7/30/2016
Formerly assig to D-7
Stacks Image 86076
Stacks Image 86079
Francis Nobriga Jr.
Retired 3-24-1985
Passed away 8-31-2016
Formerly assigned to D1
Stacks Image 86083
Lt. Lloyd K. Faulkner
Retired 12/30/1994
Passed away 9/30/2016
Formerly assn to D-5 Airport Detail
Stacks Image 86087
Bernard Chu Kin Ching
Retired 1985
Passed away May 28, 2011
Former Sgt & played in the old Hawaii Five-O.
Stacks Image 86091
Stacks Image 86094
Lt. Young Ho Ko
Retired 02/15/1973
Passed away 10/08/2016
Formerly assigned to
Corrections Division
Stacks Image 86098
Det George Choy
Retired 7/2/1986
Passed away 11/5/2016
Formerly assigned to CID
Stacks Image 86102
Sgt Eldean Kukahiko
Retired 06/30/1997
Passed away 10/08/2016
Formerly assigned to D-4
Stacks Image 86106
Stacks Image 86109
Det. Wilford Ahue
Retired 12/30/1981
Passed away 10/25/2016
Formerly Assigned to CID
Stacks Image 86113
Sgt Kevin Oshiro
Retired 12/30/2014
Passed Away 2/24/2017
Formerly assigned to D-7
Stacks Image 86117
Anthony Gutowski
Retired 1963
Stacks Image 86124
Stacks Image 86127
Sandford Wong
Retired 1/31/2013
Passed away 3/10/2017
Formerly Assigned to D-5
Stacks Image 86131
Det Vernon Broad
Retired 1984
Passed away 4/19/2006
Formerly assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 86135
Det Donald Dias
Retired 12/27/1974
Passed away 3/1/2017
Formerly assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 86139
Stacks Image 86142
Alfred Kalaau
Retired 8/31/1992
Passed away 8/8/2017
Formerly Assigned to D-6
Stacks Image 86185
Metropolitan Police Inspector James Naylon
retired 5/9/80 passed away

Stacks Image 86163
Lt. Clifford Takesono
Retired 12/30/01
Passed away 8/19/2017
Formerly assigned to CID
Stacks Image 86191
Stacks Image 86182
Officer Fredrick Ornellas
retired 8/22/1986
Last assigned to D1
passed away

Stacks Image 86188
Detective Charles C. Samson
Retired 3/31/2001
Passed away 1/26/2018
Formerly assigned to D-8

Stacks Image 86179
Officer Wilfred Doi
Retired 8/31/1990
Last assigned to JCPD
Passed away

Stacks Image 86193
Stacks Image 86196
Sergent Robert L. Hensen
retired 12/30/1989
Last assigned to D5
passed away

Stacks Image 86200
Sharon Ann Yamamoto
“Squeaks, Yamas”
Retired HPD Dispatcher
Passed away 3/20/2018

Stacks Image 86204
Retired Sergeant Daniel J. Paperd
Retired 12/30/2013
Last assignment to Record & ID
passed away on 3/11/2018
Stacks Image 86208
Stacks Image 86211
Sergent Glen Ishikawa
retired 12/30/2009
Last assigned to Reserve Officer
passed away

Stacks Image 86215
Sergeant Will R. Cluney
Retired 10/31/2009
Passed away 11/3/2009
Last assigned to D-1
Former Solo Bike
Stacks Image 86219
Retired Lieutenant Clyde Phillips
Retired 8/31/2006
passed away on 4-11-18
Last assigned to CID
Stacks Image 86225
Stacks Image 86228
Michael J. Beaumont
66 Years Old, passed away 4/28/2018
Retired with 25 years service
Main assignment D4

Stacks Image 86232
Sgt Roy Urakawa
Passed away 7/23/2018
Retired 12/29/1989
Last assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 86236
Sgt John K.K. Collins
Passed away 7/13/2018
25 years of service with last
assignment at JCPD.
Stacks Image 86240
Stacks Image 86243
Det. John Serrao
passed away 10/2/2018
Retired 02/29/1988
Last assignment Internal Affairs

Stacks Image 86247
Corporal Steven Matsuda
Retired 12/31/2017
Passed away 10/16/2018
Formerly assigned to D-1
Stacks Image 86251
Detective Gary Richard Kim
Retired 12-30-1994
Passed away 10/8/2018
Formerly assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 86255
Stacks Image 86258
Capt. Harold Bradbury
Passed away 10/17/2018
Retired 12/29/1978
Last assignment Traffic Div

Stacks Image 86270
Det Foster Afalava
Passed away 10/27/2010
Retired 12/28/2001
Formerly assigned to CIU
Stacks Image 86266
Corp Calvin Collins
Passed away 10/29/2018
Retired 03/31/2017
Formerly assigned to D-7
Stacks Image 86275
Stacks Image 86278
Sgt Earl Penaroza
Passed Away 3/7/2019
Retired 12/30/2006
Last assigned to D1

Stacks Image 86293
Retired Sgt Timmy Wong passed away 03-16-19.
Retired 12-30-2002
Last assigned to Solo Bike and Patrol

Stacks Image 86290
Retired Corporal Simi Mapu passed away 02-07-19.
Retired 06-30-2016
Last assigned to D4

Stacks Image 86296
Stacks Image 86300
Major Robert Thomas
Passed Away 8/16/2019
Retired 12/30/1994
Last assigned toSSD

Stacks Image 86304
Det Ralph Irvine
Passed away 8/31/2019
Retired 07/05/1985

Stacks Image 86314
Retired Capt. Dennis Kawakami
Passed away 8/18/2019
Retired 12/14/1990
Lass assigned to Communications

Stacks Image 86311
Stacks Image 86319
Det Dennis K. Yamashiro
Passed Away 9/18/2019
Retired 2/28/2010
Last Assigned to CID
Stacks Image 86323
Lt. Arthur Medeiros
Passed away 10/13/2019
Retired 12/15/1985
Last assigned to D-4

Stacks Image 86327
Officer Peter W. Bertulfo
Passed away 9/15/2019
Retired 5/31/1995
Last Assigned to CID

Stacks Image 86359
Stacks Image 86335
Sergeant George McCumber
Passed Away Jam 8, 2020
Retired Feb 3, 1982
Last Assigned to D 4
Stacks Image 86339
Corporal Santiago Sumbad Jr.
Passed Away Jn 13, 2020
Retired Oct 3, 1996
Last Assigned to Traffic Div.

Stacks Image 86343
Detective Alfredo Elliazar Jr.
Passed Away Oct 23, 2019
Retired Dec 30, 1996
Last Assigned to Narco/Vice

Stacks Image 86361
Stacks Image 86413
Det Norman Ah Choy Aina
Retired 8/31/1998
Passed away 7/21/1999
Last assigned to Narco/Vice
Stacks Image 86352
Lt Kathy Sison Campbell
Passed away 4/11/2020
Last Assigned to D4

Stacks Image 86356
Lt. Stacey Kapeliela
Retired 12/31/2018
Passed away 5/21/2020
Last assignment was D3

Stacks Image 86369
Stacks Image 86373
Lt. Joe Quick
Pasted Away 4/23/2020
Last assigned to SSD/airport
Stacks Image 86395
Reserve Officer Alan Kang
Retired 2004
Passed Away March 31, 2020
Stacks Image 86381
Major Gary A. Dias
Retired 2/17/1998
Passed away 7/17/2020
Last assigned to CID

Stacks Image 86384
Stacks Image 86400
Sgt Gary Kawasaki
Retired 12/30/2005
Passed Away 8/11/2020
Last assigned to D7
Stacks Image 86404
Officer Larry Souza
Retired Sept 19, 1988
Passed Away Jan. 25, 2006
Last assigned to D3
Stacks Image 86408
Retired Sgt William Luat
Retired 07/31/2007
passed away 8/27/2020.
Last assigned to D-5

Stacks Image 86411
Stacks Image 86418
Sgt David Russell Kauakahi Campbell
Retired 12/15/1994
Passed Away 8/21//2020
Last assigned to D5 Airport
Stacks Image 86422
Sgt Jonathan Dela Vega
Retired in 1992
Passed Away 10/16/2020
Prior assignment CID
Stacks Image 86426
Officer Gordon J. Young
Retired 12/30/1991
Passed Away 02.03/2020
Last assigned to D-3
Stacks Image 86429
Stacks Image 86434
Officer Newton M. Y. Yuen
Retired 07/31/1990
Passed Away 11/03/2020
Last Assignement D-5
Stacks Image 86438
Retired 12/30/2019
passed away 11/23/2020
Last assignment D6
Stacks Image 86442
Major Forrest Broome
Retired: 8/31/2000
Passed Away 10/13/2020
Last assigned to Traffic
Stacks Image 86476
Stacks Image 86451
Leighton Kaonohi Sr.
Retired 8/31/2000
Passed Away 1/12/2021
Last Assigned to D4
Stacks Image 86455
Leonard "lucky" Lau
Retired 3/31/1990
Passed Away 4/14/2006
Last Assigned to JCPD
Stacks Image 86459
Lt. Glendon N. Nunes
Retired 12-30-1996
Passed Away 2/15/2021
Last Assigned to IA Div.
Stacks Image 86446
Stacks Image 86466
Sgt Theodore Y. S. Chun
Retired 12/30/08
Passed Away 3/16/2021
Last Assigned to D 5
Stacks Image 86470
Detective Darryl Jeremiah
Retired 12/30/2016
Passed Away 9/17/2020
Last Assigned to D 8
Stacks Image 86474
SGT Richard D. Lee
Retired 12/30/1986
Passed Away 9/30/2020
Last Assigned to D1

Stacks Image 86478
Stacks Image 86483
Corp Colin K.L.H. Chung
Retired 8/31/2018
Passed Away 4/21/2021
Last Assigned to D 7
Stacks Image 86487
Lt. Lawrence Rodrigues Jr.
Retired 12/30/1993
Passed Away 4/26/2021
Last Assigned to Narco/Vice
Stacks Image 86496
Sgt John Willis Jr.
Retired 3/31/1996
Passed Away 3/4/2021
Last Assigned to D3
Stacks Image 86493
Stacks Image 86501
Capt. Donald E. K. Lee
Retired 12/30/1983
assed Away 6/21/2021
Last Assigned to D-3
Stacks Image 86505
Lt. Kenneth K. Chang
Passed away on 7/15/2021
Retired 6/30/1993
Last Assigned to D-6
Stacks Image 86509
Retired Detective Greg S. H. Bentosino
passed away on 7/7/2021
Retired date: 12/30/2014
previously assigned to District 8/Theft