Sub Vettes

SubVettes of The Bowfin Base was chartered October 1, 2003
"SubVette Helpmates in a, common Bond With SubVet Shipmates...Working together to achieve A Common Goal"
The Purpose of the organization shall be to aid and assist our husbands (father, son, brother) as helpmates in our mutual pursuit of the goals, objectives, projects and activities. In support of the Creed of the United State Submarine Veterans Inc. as stated in the U. S. Subvets constitution Article 111 section 1.
The organization is officially recognized as the "Ladies Auxiliary of the United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated" as enabled by SECTION 1, Article X of the Bylaws of the United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated (Incorporated May 1964), as revised October 2000
Contact: Joan Peters
Stacks Image 1931
Carol Sarisky, Mildred Young, Eileen Drumm, Diane Nicholls, Marsha Joyner, Nancy Kreis, Renee Ferguson, Kristin (Kiddy) DeCoster, Joan Peters, Eleanor Stein
Stacks Image 1928
Diane Nicholls, Eileen Drumm, Marsha Joyner, Mildred Young, Kristin (Kiddy) DeCoster, Eleanor Stein
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Subbase Memorial Chapel Dedication