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About John

Let me share my story with you.

After finishing high school, I enlisted at 18 in the US Army as a linguist and strategic analyst. Serving eight years in military intelligence, I left active duty to finish my education and receive a commission. With the end of Desert Storm, the Army had no more use for me and I was left finding a job as a single dad. Luckily, a friend from the Army ran a small studio and had a production contract with Cinemax for several films.
I was officially hired as an Associate Producer, but was a glorified Production Assistant until I learned my job. That was five years of hard work in which I learned all aspects of the production of motion pictures. Shifting gears, I moved from the production side to the development side of the business and began reading scripts and working closely with writers.

What I took away from those jobs was the ability to read and evaluate scripts and, hopefully, tell a good story. I also learned the intricate mechanics of how a motion picture is filmed, produced, and distributed.
Eventually, I had two movies of my own produced based on original scripts and co-operated on several more as a script ‘doctor,’ a producer, or a military consultant.

Current Career
Teaching screenwriting, writing, and creativity in Southern California for many years gave me the insight into working with writers of all calibers and helping them achieve the most they could achieve from their skills. Many of these students remain friends to this day.

I attended and was a part of several different writers and screenwriters conventions such as Screenwriters Expo and Northwest Bookfest.

Taking off in a new direction, but one in which many of my former students had requested, I started coaching writers in how to further their skills, career, and future. Employing techniques and processes I learned from many years in the military and private industry, I have guided writers to engage a more full work/life balance and increase their skill level.

I am truly fortunate to be a part of your experience.
Interesting Stuff

My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. My favorite TV (right now) is Black Sails.
I am a very amateur magician who has trained with some of the greats in that field and enjoy indulging in a bit of magic when I give my classes.
I owned a small winery for a while and learned the wine business from grape to bottle. That was an interesting experience, but glad to have sold the fields to get on with my life.
Moved to Seattle three years ago and have not looked back since. Living in LA was great, but life in the Pacific Northwest has definite advantages.
Family Stuff

I have been married for twenty-three years and we have two grown children, a small rat dog, and a great view of the valley.

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