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Horseback riding is an athletic activity. Horses can carry a balanced rider who weighs up to 20% of the horses weight. Our average horses weigh 1000 lbs, so 250 lb.s total, (including the saddle).

Anyone not following directions will be led for an additional fee.

Any group consisting of 4 or more orders under 14 years of age may be charged an additional fee for extra guides if The Crosspatch decides it is necessary for safety.

If your group is more than 15 minutes late, your card will be charged and your group will be considered a no show.
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We have the following restrictions on potential riders to keep our rides as safe as possible. No one under the age of six. Six, seven and eight year old children are led by a guide.
People must fit in the saddle.
Must be able to mount unassisted (can use a step)
No smoking, alcohol or drug use before or during the ride.
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We are not discriminating against heavy people. These are safety issues for the riders as well as the horses.

The Crosspatch Ranch reserves the right to refuse potential riders if their physical size or ability could result in an unsafe ride. Our goal is to have as many people as possible to have safe, enjoyable rides.
Please note refunds will not be given.
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The Crosspatch
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Phone 716-938-6313

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