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If you are experiencing swelling of the face, neck, legs, abdomen, arms, Vanderbilt Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Center is committed to providing you with the most effective management for Lymphedema.  Vanderbilt Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Center offers a comprehensive lymphedema treatment program.  This program provides comprehensive care and assistance in the management of this lifelong condition.

Vanderbilt Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Center is a physical therapy practice specializing in the treatment, management, and risk reduction of lymphedema and other chronic swelling.  At Vanderbilt Physical Therapy & Lymphedema Center, we are dedicated to helping you coordinate your lymphedema treatment and home management for successful long term control.  Vanderbilt Physical Therapy & Lymphedema founded in 1999, was the first comprehensive lymphedema center operated by a physical therapist in the Roseville area.  Since that time we have opened up two satellite clinics in the Sacramento and Auburn areas. 
Lymphedema is chronic swelling of a body part, most often the arm or leg due to accumulation of lymph fluid.  Lymphedema swelling can also occur in the face, neck, and abdomen.  Lymphedema , if left untreated, creates an environment of stagnant, protein-rich fluid.  It interferes with wound healing, and provides an environment for bacteria, increasing the potential for infection.  If the condition of lymphatic swelling and inflammation persists, the tissue eventually thickens and becomes fibrotic.  This fibrotic tissue will harden.  This may lead to cellulitis/lymphangitis, pain, joint immobility, difficulty walking, open wounds, hospitalizations, depression, cosmetic deformity and decreased active motion. 
The gold standard to managing lymphedema is called complete decongestive therapy which involves manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, skin and nail care, exercises, patient education and the daily use of compression garments.  Our physical therapist, John Vanderbilt Jr., is a certified lymphedema therapist which means he has specific training in complete decongestive therapy to meet all of your lymphedema management needs.  John has over 28 years of experience compassionately treating patients.  John earned his Master of Public Administration at Golden Gate University and Master of Physical Therapy at Midwestern University. 
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Lymphedema Management program is appropriate for:
*Individuals who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy
*Individuals who had radiation
*Individuals who had lymph node dissection
*Individuals who have had surgery with resultant swelling
*Venous compromise/insufficiency
*Status post amputation
*Soft tissue swelling
*Individuals who have frequent infections in an arm or leg, cellulitis.
*Individuals with wounds
*Individuals who have chronic swelling