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We will add a Photo Album to your website.  To get an idea of how it will work, you can take a look at the San Francisco Bay Area FOP album.  For a sample of the album click the button to the right.
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To get started you can send your photos in a Zip file, DVD, CD or as an attachment to a email(s).  
Once we have the album done, up loaded and posted, you can have me make changes as needed.  This includes adding new images and deleting those that you may no longer want in your album.
Your images are safe and backed up.  Should you have some devastating situation where your computer and hard drives are destroyed or stolen, your images will be safe in the "cloud" and can be downloaded at any time. 
To recover your pictures just go to your album click on the picture you want, right click on it and Save As.
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This service is offered to our clients for $20 a year. Your photos are safe in our cloud available to you 24 hour a day and  Unlimited photo stowage. You and your friends are able to download and print any photo at any time.

This service is great for clubs or organizations to keep their photo safe and available.
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Designer and Owner, Stan Cook

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USNavy CWO 2 (SS)
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Honolulu Police Dept
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