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The Atascadero Police Association (APA) was formed on the basis of unity and integrity. Our purpose is two fold; to provide the highest quality and most effective representation for our members, and to be a positive contribution to our community.
Often, the APA is confused by the public as being the same as the Atascadero Police Department. While the two are distinctly different organizations when it comes to our Mission and Goals, both constantly strive to provide the highest level of service to the community.
The APA is comprised of all the line level officers (Officers, Detectives, Corporal and Sergeants) and civilian personnel. (Dispatchers and Evidence Tecchnician) Our association’s income is provided solely by member dues and our annual charity golf tournament. Last year the APA was able to donate over $10,000 back to our community through several opportunities.
The APA recognizes that the youth of our community are the future, and we have therefore focused the majority of our efforts towards their development. Last year, the APA was able donate over $6,000 to Atascadero Youth Sports, through the Community Services Foundation.
As we journey into the future we will continue to address all the needs of our members and strive to be a positive contribution to our community. Every day, our members patrol the streets and report to their assignments with a commitment to keeping you and your family safe. Each one of us isdedicated to providing the residents of the City of Atascadero a quality of life in their community that they can live, work, and play in. Despite the dangers of our profession, we will be there when you need us!
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