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Sensei began his martial arts training when he was 14 years old when he practiced Jujitsu at the Okazaki
Kodenkan Jujitsu Dojo located on Kinau Street, in Honolulu, Hawaii.
In 1964, Sensei practiced Judo and was a part of the Honolulu Police Department's Judo team. In 1966, Sensei started his Karate training under Sensei Takamasa Bingo. Sensei Donohue has been teaching the martial arts since 1972, focusing on karate and kobudo (weapons).
Since 1964, Sensei also trained with Grandmaster Martin Buell of the Universal Kenpo Karate Association and still enjoys his close relationship with the Grandmaster
Sensei was awarded his First Degree Black Belt, Shodan, on April 16, 1970 by Sensei's Kenneth Nakamura, John Gerard and William Ozaki. Sensei then began his quest to learn more ofthe martial arts. In 1975, he was able to meet and train under Sensei Clarence Lee of San Francisco, California. Sensei Lee had just returned from his training in Okinawa with Hanshi Chosin Chibana. Sensei taught karate at the University of Hawaii's Physical Education class in the 1970's. Throughout the years, Sensei trained in a number of self-defense classes that was being brought into the Honolulu Police Department .
.Sensei Donohue also became a Judge and Referee in the beginning years of full contact karate in Hawaii, refereeing fights with Monsterman Eddie of Chicago, Illinois and Victor Rapoza of Honolulu, Hawaii.
As his martial arts knowledge increased, Sensei Donohue began incorporating all of the best self-defense techniques into a self-defense system that is now practiced at American Karate Kai.
In 1994, Sensei Donohue Co-founded Kick Start Karate at the Honolulu Police Academy where educational guidance and character development through the martial arts is taught to youngsters ranging in ages 6 to 18. Nearly 1,000 students have practiced under Kick Start Karate since its inception.
Sensei Donohue has taught self-defense at Punahou Summer School located in Honolulu, Hawaii since 2001. In 2002, Sensei Donohue was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame as the Master Instructor of the Year.
In 2010, Sensei was certified in Target Focused Training, a system of self-defense which he employs in his self-defense classes.
Sensei is a member of the Athletic Amateur Union-Karate and the President of the Hawaii Kodansha Kai, an organization that provides Degree Ranking for students who practice the traditional Japanese or Okinawan styles of karate.
In 2000, Sensei was awarded the Outstanding Advocate of Children and Youth which was presented by Supreme Court of Hawaii Chief Justice Ronald T. Moon. In 1999, Sensei Donohue was presented with an award for his Dedication to the Art of Karate-Do presented by All Hawaii State Karate-do Championships Executive Member, Hanshi Chuzo Kotaka.
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