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One of a kind quilts and wall hangers
Ready to buy or
Custom made to your specifications.

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I have recently returned from South Africa, where I spent ten years training Zulu men and women to quilt for the market, and established the first Zulu Quilting Guild. My ladies in South Africa have now opened a store to market their quilts and are using the lessons I taught them to support their extended families. The saying “Teach them to fish” has actually proven true and justify the years I worked with them.

I have been in Sacramento for the last three years, working with the Roseville Quilter’s, Guild, and building up a client list. Weekends I set up shop at local craft markets to flog my quilts and wall hangers.

Got any UFOs?  I can finish them and quilt them for you. Some customers bring in a batch of mismatched squares they have been promising to do something…one day soon; but…
Quilting? I work with a long arm machine, using pantographs or free-hand quilting, depending on the customer’s desire and the elaborateness of the quilt.
Fabric? I have a vast supply of African fabric (shwe-shwe) and purchase from Kona Bay, Indonesian batiks, Island batiks, and other theme fabrics: Animals, flowers, birds, oriental, fish, dolphins, geometric designs, suns, planets, moon; all are available to work with.
Wall Hangers? Working with printed panels, and applique I can design any theme to your specifications. Any size, any fabric and very reasonable prices.
Prices? I can guarantee that my prices will beat any competition of similar products or work. It will all depend on the amount of work necessary, the batting and backing you choose.

If you don’t like it you don’t pay. Fact is I’ll just sell it for my costs.

NOTE: I have never had a customer reject a product I made for them. If we are building a quilt from scratch you must first approve the design we have developed. Next you will have to approve the layout of the quilt on the design board (we email photos and accept suggested changes), and finally approve the final product. I do not necessarily ask for a deposit since if the quilt is rejected I’ll just sell it.

Ordering A Product

Well if we have a quilt or wall hanger that you like and is available for sale, email us and we will tell you the cost including tax, insurance, and postage. Paying by credit card is easier most likely. The quilts and wall hangers you will find in the following sections have either been made by the guild or by myself. They have all been sold but are included as examples only. I can make similar quilts if the fabric is still available, but it will not be exactly the same as I never make the same quilt or wall hanging twice.

If you do not see a quilt that you like, you can either describe what you want, including fabric, color, size, etc., even sending us a photo or picture. We will tell you what we can do, including the cost. A deposit may be required and we will get to work, emailing you a photo of the layout for your approval, then a photo of the completed quilt before batting and the back material is applied and quilted. You can reject the quilt at this point, unless it is personalized, and we will try again until you are satisfied. We have never had a quilt returned or an unsatisfied client.

Zulu, Ethnic,Traditional, Custom made, quilts and wall hangers available by mail

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