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Jerry, N7YGE is selling an Icon 751A transceiver on Craig's list and would like to show you here.


Stan Cook. For club members only. Money is tight so I will take $100 a month for the next four months. No interest.

Contact me at or call 360-747-7826 and leave a message.

Watch this video

Complete with all mounting hardware.

MFJ 1786 Super Hi-Q Loop Antennas MFJ-1786

MFJ 1786 Super Hi-Q Loop Antennas are 36 in. diameter loop antennas that work on 10 through 30 MHz continuously, including the WARC bands.

They're good for limited-space applications like apartments, small lots, RVs, attics, and mobile homes. They mount vertically, so you'll enjoy both DX and local contacts.

They exhibit low-angle radiation for excellent DX and high angle radiation for local, NVIS close-in contacts; all while handling 150 watts.

Only MFJ's super remote control has auto band selection. These loops automatically tune to the desired band and then beep to alert you. Since it's done over the coax, you don't even need a control cable.

Fast/slow tune buttons and the built-in 2-range cross-needle SWR/wattmeter let you quickly tune to your exact frequency. With all-welded construction, no mechanical joints, a welded butterfly capacitor with no rotating contacts, and a large 1.050 in. diameter round radiator (not a lossy flat strip) these loops give you the highest possible efficiency.

Each plate in MFJ's tuning capacitor is welded for low loss and is polished to prevent high voltage arcing. They're welded to the radiator and have a nylon bearing, an anti-backlash mechanism, limit switches, and a continuous, no-step DC motor that gives smooth, precision tuning. The thick and heavy-duty ABS plastic housing has ultraviolet inhibitor protection. These antennas require a 110 V input at the included controller power supply.

Is your space limited? Get on the air anyway with MFJ 1786 Super Hi-Q Loop Antennas from DX Engineering.

Retail Price from NFJ is $500 plus shipping
Brand New. Mounted at my home if you would like to look at it.
A great deal on me. $400



Contact me at or call 360-747-7826 and leave a message.

HYS HF Transceiver 3-30Mhz HF Power Amp for 3-30Mhz Handheld Radio with a Mini Fan


Amp best effect Frequency range:20-30mhz.( Works on 15 meter, 12 meter and 10 meter)
Amp bellow 20Mhz the output power will be lower and vswr will be higher than 20-30Mhz.Connection of antenna is very important for low frequency product , the effect of the antenna will seriously affect Amp effect.
MINI FUN FUNICATION: "High Rotaion Spead" Fan is designed for a better heat dissipation funication.
Operate voltage 13.8Vcc.Input current/POWER:14-20 A. Input power(FM/AM/CW):3-5 W Input power (SSB):2-10 W.Compact high power all mode amplifier with automatic TX/Rx switch and On/Off switch.

Condition is new in the box.
Retail price is $160
I am asking $100

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