2008 Reunion

After the 2008 Reunion
Shipmates, Ladies & Friends, The reunion is over and many memories were made and some were revisited. We had a small group of people only 29. But we really had a fun group. I personally enjoyed my late night conversation with Nick Lucy and Jonathan Smith. By the way Nick you never answered my question. We added to our ships reunion fund so that there is enough to cover most expenses that come up with our next reunion. Ron Bell is our new reunion coordinator. And our next reunion is in Portland Oregon. I am very sure that the next reunion will be better than the last one. Portland is beautiful and the USS Bonefish is a Memorial Boat their. Yes it is on the West Coast again but maybe someone from the east coast will volunteer next reunion to coordinate the 2012 reunion. If the 2008 reunion is called a success then all of the credit goes to Gary, Chris & Barbara. I was just the mouthpiece. I never had the chance to get up close and personal with a submarine Captain before this but I truly enjoyed Captain Ingraham and his very beautiful wife Lucy. I have been in charge of a group 35 men. I never had to let them party like we did and then expect them to do the work that was required of a qualified electrician. Captain I take my hat off to you and to all submarine Captains. Another great time was talking with Bill Abbey about his cross country ride on a bicycle. The hotel staff and the hotel was great except that my electronic key was always screwing up.
The reunion store will remain open until the end of May. I still have a few of the reunion tiles left to sell. They are a great coaster or a reminder of a great time. If you did not get to attend buy a tile and have a piece of history. As was noted in a message before the reunion we had bottles of red wine with the Medregal logo and the reunion dates on the label. We sold 15 out of 24 and I opened up a couple for tasting. We had two gentlemen in there 80’s at the reunion. Willard “Woody” Calderwood and Jim Foley. The tales those two told were unreal. Woody dances 3 to 4 nights a week and supplies transportation for other dancers. Jim Foley had to give up his softball playing because of injuries but turned his energy to graduating from College last year. Hell I am only 68 and I find it hard as hell to get out of bed after 3 or 4 hours of hard work in a day. They both made me tired just listening. Jim Foley was the officer who walked me through Medregal on requal. Good to see you again Mr. Foley. Well I have turned over the email list to Ron and as soon as the last check clears I will turn over the Medregal Reunion fund and I will be done. Except to make plans to go to Portland.
I retire as 1 of 4 reunion coordinators with a pride that ALMOST makes me want to volunteer again.
Thanks to all of you who came and to all of you who wrote me to say you could not make the trip. Getting a letter back from some one whether or not they were going to attend lets you know that someone is at least reading their email and the letters we sent out.
The main three
Gary, Chris & Barbara
And me the mouthpiece