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Local wrench was created in 1997. They started in a small two stall shop down the road. In a short time they found that they had " out grew their pants" and that was due to all the wonderful "local wrench" customers that had grown to trust them. Blessed with the vacancy of a bigger building a move was made. The 6500 sq foot building allows them to operate with great efficiency.
Jeff is the frontrunner and owner of the shop.. He is there to greet you, listen to your vehicle needs, estimate and commission the work with his office staff. He is backed by the "team". He does not employ flat rate techs, simply so everybody works for the common goal; to keep you on the road. They strive to keep a certified, competent, and experienced crew. Jeff manages with great critique all phases of the job.

He knows that a vehicle breakdown can upset the everyday lives of the customer and does whatever he can to make the process of getting them up and running a pleasant one.

His team teaches that certain vehicle servicing will make systems on the car simply last longer and will work with you to identify proper service intervals. Simple tasks such as oil changes always gets a trained eye under the hood and chassis to point out compromised or wearing parts. They are there to consult you and educate you so you can make the best budget based decisions to vehicle service and repair.

When patronizing local wrench you are the "boss" but ultimately like others will become their friends.
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