"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."
~Seneca the Younger~

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Robert V. Hardy received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon in June 1964. He has pursued careers in finance, lumber and home improvements, before retiring in January of 2001, at age 58.
He has traveled the world extensively in the twelve years since then, claiming Northern California as his home while spending summer in his beloved Alaska.
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Circular Passage

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In Circular Passage, Robert V. Hardy shares both the tender parts of adventure and the near misses of tragedy in this endearing, funny, and truly awe inspiring memoir of his travels. Twenty-four and filled with wanderlust and naiveté, Hardy goes the extra mile in defining survival, resilience-and luck. His is the story of two expeditions, one the inner voyage of the soul, the other the globe-trotting journey from his native Oregon through Europe, the Middle East, and across Asia to way Down Under. He stakes a claim on life, forging a wide path that few would choose. He is a man obsessed with the romance of the world, and he abandons a promising job, a girlfriend, and his mystified family to seek something he can't even define. In time, the hard essence of reality wears him down, until at last, he knows it is time to come home, back to the beginning, closing the circle.
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Seasons of Passage

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In this absorbing narrative of personal evolution, Robert V. Hardy begins by sharing his small town experiences growing up in postwar Oregon. The author lays bare the thoughts and feelings of a young boy setting out on his long journey into manhood. Significant events lead him to forge a singular path through life, experiencing an extraordinary series of trials. The integral pieces of this mosaic ultimately come together, pointing the way for his later investigation of the world at large. This volume could easily be perceived as a truth-seeker's handbook. In it Hardy effectively captures those precious bits of knowledge and wisdom gleaned from wrestling with the hard realities of an unpredictable world. In doing so he has left us with a remarkable gift, the chronicle of a sixty-year process of maturation that cannot help but prove highly useful to anyone reading his story. The writer candidly reveals in dramatic detail and sharpened clarity, the peaks and valleys of his "Seasons of Passage.
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An Elysian Passage

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In An Elysian Passage, the author seats the reader next to him as he ventures out to fulfill a lifelong dream-to return to the world of travel he knew in his youth. This time it is not as a vagabond searcher, hitchhiking his way across dangerous and foreign lands, but as a seasoned citizen seeking final resolution.
The initial cry of the newborn signals the commencement of a lifelong journey through this earthly realm. What each soul does with the finite number of days providence has granted becomes their unique story. Robert V. Hardy has done a remarkable job in sharing his in the "passage trilogy," a three-volume chronicle spanning 70 years. Few among us have taken the time to so thoroughly trace their path and share such revealing and bountiful accounts.
In this exciting memoir, you are there when he shoots the rapids of the Colorado, is charged by the silverback in the jungles of Rwanda, stalked by a grizzly in the wilds of Alaska, and eyed as prey by the Ranthambore tiger. This book provides gratifying rewards to both armchair adventurers and those who, like Hardy, have lived life to the fullest.
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Westward Passage

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In this fourth volume of his passages series, Robert V. Hardy collects and compiles the many historical accounts that accompany his branch of the Applegate clan. The author goes to great lengths in providing his kinfolk with a pathway to discovery, one that uncovers their unique ancestral heritage. It has been said, “when a society perishes, one universal condition can always be found. they forgot from where they came!” such will not be the case for those whose past can be traced back through the bloodline of the Applegates, for these headwaters have been clearly marked, their streams of influence well charted.
Westward Passage pays homage to this family’s roots by pursuing the echoes of the past, emanating forward from our earliest of colonial times, the days of the 1843 Oregon immigration, and into the present era. The robust spirit if the Applegates had a lasting impact on the shaping of the early Oregon territory. Their pioneer trailblazing legacy will long be remembered as an influential force in our young country’s call for western expansion.