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The USS Grapple (ARS7) served our country well from 1943 to the early 1980. She served in the Second World War, the Korean conflict and Viet Nam. Hundreds of US Navy officers and enlisted men have served on her and many are still out there someplace.
We should not forget her so this web site is dedicated to her and the men that served on her.

BOSN Stan Cook USN ret

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Plank Owner James Manchester now 92 and lives in Susanville, CA. He joined the Grapple in Napa, Ca at commissioning and served on several ships during WWII. His son has been surfing the Internet to find the ships that James served on when they ran across the Grapple website.

We the former crew members of the Grapple salute you for your service and offer you a Bravo Zulu. Welcome back aboard.
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If you can afford it please consider donating to maintain the Grapple website. As it is currently totally funded by Bosn Cook at the cost of $80 a year. Thus far continuing over $1,000.
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Attention crew members.  If you were aboard the Grapple between  November 1970 to August 1972 you WERE exposed to Agent Orange.  Grapple conducted numerous repair and salvage operations while moored to piers in Da Nang, Chu Lai, Cam Ranh Bay and Tan My from November 1970 through April 1971 and August 1972 through January 1973.
The USS Grapple is now officially on the VA ship exposed to Agent Orange list.  Call the VA and tell them you want to file an Agent Orange Claim.  Or go to this website: