Country's Get A Grip" is the registered name of "Gripper", our beautiful little red merle Australian Shepherd, born on Easter Sunday (April 12) in 1998. 
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He had only been with us for 3 days and was still a little homesick.
- Introducing himself to "Energizer" the bunny. To see more on Gripper's interaction with our other furred & feathered residents, click here or on Herding 101 at the bottom of the page.

7 weeks

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8 weeks - Gripper learned to operate the treat machine by watching Jazz and Boomer.
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9 & 10 weeks. We are working on obedience training & basic house manners. Gripper learned one new trick that I didn't teach him - how to open the sliding screen door & let all the bugs in. He can open it from inside or outside, so I guess he somehow grasps the concept ofleft & right. Now, if I could just get him to  grasp the concept of closing the door.

ee, I'm not sure if I have enough toys!!!

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11 and 12 weeks. Gripper retrieves a ball or frisbee. He knows the commands "sit, down, stay, heel, come, bring it, & roll over" & does them reliably about 99% of the time. He still lags back a little on the "heel", but we're working on it. He also knows "nite nite, outside, go potty, thirsty, hungry, ice cream, don't bite & don't chew." (I have repeated the last two so many times, I think I still say them in my sleep!!)
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13 & 14 weeks Brings his dish & sets it on my lap for snack sharing time. Jumps a low jump on command.
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