Country Ranch Critters

Sebastopol Geese - they're SO curly that I laughingly tell people that they are part Poodle. Goslings sometimes available in spring & summer. Pets Only Please!
Sales are to be picked up at the ranch only. No shipping available at this time.


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Below are my

Crested Ducks. I started raising these little guys because I thought they were too cute for people to consider buying them for duck dinner. WRONG. I still get calls from people that want to eat them or use them for training their bird dogs. I turn most buyers down, my feed bill goes up, & hubby jumps up & downin frustration. It all balances out! *grin*
We have over 25 crested ducks & most all of them have names given to them by various special children visiting the ranch. It seems that the duck's feather "doos" always remind some of the children of a favorite (or sometimes not so favorite) relative, teacher, or TV/movie star.
Here are some of my favorites.
On the left, Mr. Aceduck Ventura & friend. On the right, Mr. Georgeduck Costanza & friend.

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On the left, Mr. Liberaceduck, & on the right, Mr. Don Kingduck. (Same duck, just named twice.)
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On the left, Napoleonduck & his ladies in-waiting. On the right, Josephineduck, his mate.
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Catfish, Pygmy Goats, Calves, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Bunnies, and turtles. These are ALL pets & will never be used or sold for food. All of our Country Ranch residents live happy and hopefully, very long lives.


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More pictures will be added as I continue to expand this site. Thanks for stopping by. Some photos taken by Larry Lauszus. Visit his website at

Photography by Larry.

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