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Introducing BOOMER, our 3 year old registered black tri-color Australian Shepherd. He's a big boy, weighing in at about 75 lbs, which is really large for an Aussie. Like all Aussies, he is very smart, and he's also a real clown. I am hoping to use him as a therapy dog, but for the moment his main goal in life is to make us laugh.
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JAZZ is the only girl in the posse. She is registered, but she was destined for the pound when I came across her. She was 2 years old, had been in 2 homes & was just weaning her 3rd litter of puppies! The woman's excuse for getting rid of Jazz was that they were moving & they would only have room for 1 dog & they'd had their other dog first. Poor Jazz was really undernourished & had no training or house manners, but as soon as I looked into her eyes, I was hooked.
I call her my "velcro dog" because she's not happy unless she can be wherever I am. This seems to be pretty typical behavior for "pound puppies" & abused or neglected dogs. I've had a lot of rescue animals over the years, & most of them seem to form a very strong attachment to the first person that gives them love & attention.
Jazz will be 12 years old in Dec. 1998, & she has really started to slow down in the last 6 months. She is showing signs of arthritis, so I have her on a strict diet to keep off any extra weight & I try to keep her as active as possible. With winter coming on, I plan to get her to the vet & see what they recommend.
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Another Special Angel
12/26/86 to 9/27/99

Sadly, my beautiful Jazz suffered kidney failure & I had to send her to the Bridge to be with Pepper. She will be added to the Special Angels page later, when I am able. But, like Pepper, Jazz has been a part of my life & held a place in my heart for so long, that she will stay here also, as a permanent member of my Aussie Posse. Goodbye sweet angel Jazz. I
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GRIPPER is the new little guy on the block, & he has his own puppy/babybook page. He is also featured on the Herding 101 page. The links to both pages appear below.
Below are some pics of Gripper showing off his new teeth. Don't let these pictures scare you. Grip is really much sweeter & much cuter than the camera angle makes him appear. *grin*
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PEPPER - (12/84 to 3/98) My Own Very Special Angel.

My sweet guy went to the Rainbow Bridge just this last March, but he has been so much a part of my life for the last 13 1/2 years, that the page on my Aussie Posse just wouldn't be complete without him. His passing has left a hole in my heart & an emptiness in my life that can never be filled. I miss you Pepper, now & forever.
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