Here is our FAQ

  • How Do I get started?
    Just contact us by email. Tell us what you want in a website or why you think you need one. I will help you get the domain name you want, let you know what kind of site you might want. All at no cost to you at this point. In fact you pay nothing until you are satisfied with you site online Back to the questions
  • How soon do I have to pay?
    You don’t pay anything until you site is complete, online and you are happy with it. Back to the questions
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay with PayPal, a credit card or a check. Back to the questions
  • How often do you bill?
    We bill twice a year. The week between Christmas and New Years and the last week in June. The last week of the year give you a chance to claim the payment on your last years taxes. Back to the questions
  • How much to you charge after the website is complete?
    After your website is complete and online we charge $20 an hour for edits, additions and changes. Look at $20 billing FAQ. Back to the questions
  • $20 billing
    Even though I charge #20 an hour for work on your completed website, I’m not a plumber. I charge in 15 minute segments. If I do you change in 15 minutes you are only charged $5. Thirty minutes is $10 and so on. The best part is, if we do it in under 15 minutes there is no charge. In most cases this is what happens. Back to the questions
  • Do you have discounts?
    Yes, we offer discounts to Military and Police organizations or people belonging to those organizations. This include retired people and VETS. Those discounts are 33.3% off the rate of a multi page sites. Back to the questions
  • Is there an annual charge?
    Yes. You pay only $60 a year for hosting on my server and $13 for renewing your domain name. Barring any changes to your website you will only pay $73 a year. Back to the questions
  • What if I have my own hosting service?
    In this case there is not annual charge. You pay for the design and management of the site. You need to supply us with the user name and password to your hosing site. This will cost you more since hosting with other companies will cost you more. It also makes it more difficult for us to keep you website up to date since we also have to deal with you keeping that hosting company paid and up to date. We just find it easier on both of us to keep your hosting with us. We will, however, do it either way. You are the boss. Back to the questions
  • Can I have a picture album on my website.
    Yes, we offer several different photo album themes. These photo albums are somewhat limited to size however. We offer a full on unlimited photo hosting service for just $20 a year. See that explanation next. Back to the questions
  • Explain your photo hosting service.
    For just $20 a year we will host all of your photos, unlimited. Along with this hosting comes a complete, full service, online hosting album that shows all your photos in album folders of your choice. It is really a good deal and only available to clients that host their website(s) with us. Back to the questions
  • Do I have a contract?
    No, we operate on trust. You may quit at anytime. There is, however, no refund on monies already paid. Since we auto renew your domain name, you would need to pay off that as you leave or Websites By Cook family. We will also help you get your domain name transferred where you want it. Back to the questions
  • Can I have more than one domain name?
    Yes, you can have as many domain names as you want. We will point each domain name were ever you want it. Some of our clients have several domain names that all point to the same site. There is no cost for this service other than the cost of each domain name. $13 Back to the questions