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Welcome. In this website I will show you about me, my careers and most important my family and friends. For, without family and friends, we really have nothing.
Short bio. Born in Ashland, Oregon. We spent time in NYC during WWII then moved to Beaverton, OR where I attended school until 1958.
In 1959 went on active duty with the US Navy Submarine Force. 22 years military, Electronics, Radio and TV and then retired from the Honolulu Police Department in 1999. Now living in the Pacific Northwest.

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Our current weather live below.  

Life on a submarine

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During high school I joined the US Navy Submarine Reserve. In those days all male were expected to perform some kind of military service or register for the draft. Doing my bit was the best move I ever made and set the course for my life. I was sent to Hawaii where I called home for 43 years and raised a family. Later owning an electronics store, being a radio deejay while working in TV and Movies and finally serving as a police officer for the Honolulu Police Department rounded out those 43 years. No complaints.

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Places I am

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