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President’s Report October 11, 2018

Greeting Brothers and Sisters of Lodge 17,

I hope your summer was filled with fun and relaxations with your families. As the summer ends, it was again time for the biennial State Conference.  Secretary Woz worked hard getting things ready for our trip on September 9th, 10th, and 11th in Anaheim.  This State Conference was busy with many important concerns on the agenda.  
I monitored and gave input on several important issues. The recent State legislature’s attempts to “Reform criminal justice” like Assembly Bill 931 (which was recently stopped by Sand Diego and Los Angeles POAs) and Senate Bill 1421 (Which unfortunately passed) were of particular concern.  There are political forces who are attempting to reform criminal justice in California that are putting our active members in jeopardy both physically and administratively. These well-intentioned but ham handed attempts are dangerous not only to our members but the citizens we serve.  The State Conference also discussed changes to our State Lodge by-laws in response to the Junus decision of the Supreme Court and I will report back at our next general membership meeting on any changes.

We continue to see interest in our lodge and have processed numerous applications. With expanded numbers, we have a larger place at the table when it comes to being heard at the State and National level of the FOP.  Please keep reaching out to your friends and colleagues and share with them the benefits of the FOP whether it is the great education benefit or legal defense for both active and retired members.   I have stated before, our lodge is one of the most affordable around. We have consistently kept our dues at $40.00 a year, through the hard work of Secretary Wozniak and the foresight of the past Lodge leaders. With this $40.00 you have access to many great benefits.
Please join us at our next general membership meeting October 11th 2018 at Mary’s Pizza shack 121 San Marin Dr. Novato, California at12Noon. (Lunch at 11:30).

“Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra” – Gold in Peace, Iron in War.

Clayton A. Harmston – President CAFOP Lodge #17

President’s Report October 11, 2018

Secretary’s Report

Since our last meeting held on July 12, 2018 the SFBAFOP17 has received several new member interest posts from our CAFOP Secretary Mr. Gary Nissen which have resulted in several new members of SFBAFOP17.  Our new members are from several agencies in California.  Welcome new members!

President Clayton Harmston and I along with Vice President Lynn Harmston attended the CAFOP State Conference in Anaheim September 9th-11th, 2018.  This was an important three-day conference where the annual business of the CAFOP is conducted. 

Your leadership has done it again!  As you see you have a 2019 Lodge 17 update sheet along with a self-addressed envelope to make it easier for you to send in your 2019 FOP Lodge 17 dues.  Unfortunately the per capita taxes for both the National FOP and the State CAFOP have increased, but to paying attention to budget constraints and a bit of belt-tightening the 2019 membership dues for the SFBAFOP17 remain at $40.00 per year.  Unfortunately we cannot pro-rate members who arrive during the year but this is a terrific value and membership in the FOP affords many benefits.    Visit often.

If you have any questions about your membership please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In the January 2019 meeting announcement and President's Report I hope to enclose the order form for the SFBAFOP17 Challenge coin and Lapel pin.  We sold many of these custom-made pins and coins at the CAFOP Conference and they're a hit with members from other lodges and collectors as well.  If you would like a coin or a pin there is a downloadable order form on our SFBAFOP17 website  We have a dedicated retired LEO who is our webmaster who keeps our website alive.

President Harmston and I are currently making plans to attend the National FOP Conference in New Orleans Louisiana in 2019.   We will keep you updated on the plans for 2019.  We know that we will be attending the National Conference in Indianapolis Indiana in 2021 as well.

You can contact me anytime at:                  510-483-8858 or


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