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Various Officer Pictures Shaka Chaz chaz and Kawika Kawika Talisman and Chaz Tang during a shoot. Kawika Talisman shooting Solo Bike solobike.badge.patches 1
Left to Right – Officer Stan Cook– Archie Ahuna (explosives expert – he did all the charges to make it look like a real shooting… Colin Fong (Stuntman) and Kawika Talisman during the shooting reeactment of Officer Cook's incident. Rick Wheeler and Chaz Tang Craig Clissold* Charlie Dang and Andre Castro Jerry Inouye and Rick Wheeler Mr and Mrs Jerry Inouye
Gerald Kaneshiro Sylvia Dawson Dean Okinaga, Chief Nakamura, Dennis Yogi and Cliff Rawlins Training Division EVOC Crew with a Citizens Police Academy Class. Front row Officers L-R Randy Macadangdang, Dennis Yogi, Colin Wong, Lindsay Mattox, Bert Murakami Phil Camero's retirement: Clayton Lee with Mike Cho, James Vasconcellos, Glen Tomasu, Kevin Lima, Thomas Toyozaki, Gilbert Kilantang, Carolyn Onaga, Carolyn Onaga, Roberta Abellanida Afong, Stanford Afong, Phil Camero, Martha Fontana-Kwon, Bruce Kawabata, Debora Tandal, Jonathan DelaVega, Stanley Lum and Faye Tamura Carringer. Mighty Mo, M.yano, r.anto,, J.ledbetter, c.vierra, s.vidinha, vickers ceremonty
Craig Vickers ceremony on Might Mo, ogoroves, r.fujitn, c.ohia, r.kaukani, m.chastain, a.kalama, r.yap, d.benson, l.paglinawan Rick Wheeler and Danny Cappo at the range. Danny Cappo eating the good stuff.  Notice the sirt logo. exSolos on a ride to thin air. Sylvia Dawson Hangs Up Badge After 30 Years Nice shot by Chris Yamaguchi of what we used to call 1290.  Now it is 3990 and 3991.
Sgt Larry Santos, the City's 2011 Employee of the year. Criminal Investigation Division, Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park-Round Top.  December 2002 Seated- Lee Donohue, Mike Nakamura, Harold Gary Kawasaki Standing: Eugene Uemura, Joe Aveiro, James Femia, Wm Clark, Robert Aton 1990s Charlie Watch D7 in the mid 90s swat District 1, Sector 4
A Stripes Class Raplee, Warren, Bernard, Ronnie Ing, Hal, yours truly. Waikiki Station grand opening. Bernard & Hal retired & working nearby hotels head of security. Carolyn and Delbert's Retirement Party Bill Kelley, W Nick Camgra, Joe Ryan, Pedro Sojona and Gary Adkins Ricky Phillips, Bill Kelley and Lenora Kelley (retired from Records) Danny Cappo with son a pistol range.
Russ Wong Curtis Sakamoto Manny Rezentes and Steven Burke.  Karl Godsey in background. Ralf Oide and Rags Scanlan. 75th Anniversary badge Chief Nakamura at Queens Aug 31, 1994.  Beat Stan Cook there.
Solo Bike Class 1993:  Gary Mata, Derek Dele Cruz, Stan Cook, Roland Takasato, Stacy Kapeliela, Tony Crane Solo Bikes of today Kevin Flynn Sgt. Roland Takasato Kawika Davis, Lynwood PD, WA wayne Marrone
The Maka i Connection-14D001AC18 Doug Kimme  Former HPD. The Maka i Connection-215C0F8627 Stan Cook riding along side Boby Kahalewai (Bobby passed due to cancer) Cole Hogan killed on 911 in the Pentagon. Rich Wheeler
Paying Respects The Maka i Connection-437B270B72 Northwest Maka'o Ohana annual Ho'olaulea John Villamor now with Tacoma PD John Villamor and wife Timmy and Evi Wong
The Maka i Connection-364284377E Stan Cook HPD bike training The Maka i Connection-C watch D2 Timmy and Evi visit Stan and Fe in Washington The Maka i Connection-DA04470F05
The Maka i Connection-E6DD2C10FA The Groah's.  Winston, Reiko, William (now USAF) and Larry. Capt. Forrest Broome The Maka i Connection-F666E8F2A4 Former HPD in Seattle area Just good advice
Joe the Plumber" sitting on his ride... and on the far right standing is Freddie Booth (former HPD (and solo) who retired as a Sergeant from Hawaii County)  He is now the Chief of Security at the Quapaw Casino in Miami, Oklahoma... to his right is his wife Miki The Maka i Connection-haleiwa John Villamor John Villamor, show and tell. Scott Hewetson,  Darin Evangelista, and Steve Scharl The Maka i Connection-Keith Marini Steve Tanabe
Larry Groah's retirement Mary Arigones and David Scott Hewetson.  My old Waikiki crew Michael Rapasura and Ted M. Noreen and Jeriod Lee Ray Burke
SSD Steve Tanabe Waianae Crew Scott Hewetson and Hillsboro, Oregon Detectives Officer Eddie Croom.  Operated and mantained the HPD Museum for over 10 years.  He won several awards for his exclent work there. Detective Chang Apana was the real Charlie Chan.  His weapon of choice?  A whip.
The old HPD Bethel Street station. A Big Island recruit class